You guys have probably heard the expression “this or that is SO Miami!” but, what exactly is SO Miami? What is living SO Miami? Living in SO Miami is such a variety of unique things and experiences that make this city magical most of the time. Only in Miami we can experience the mixture of … Continue Reading

Like many of us, at some of point at our lives we have to start the so called job hunting – Whether it’s because we are graduating from college or just because we are over our current job and need a different challenge, I imagine, you, like me, have applied to what seems like 176,238,943 … Continue Reading

I know, I know… Although Fall has officially started, it doesn’t feel like so in Miami. I think we get a handful of days we can say it feels like Fall and later on like Winter. But, anyways, I have always loved the fall season; maybe because my birthday is in September and it’s just … Continue Reading

We are getting personal. A lot of you probably read my blog and from cue A to cue B, have realized that I wasn’t born in the United States but from today on, there will be no more assumptions. I think it’s only fair I share my life, since I’m sharing a lot of my … Continue Reading

Emotions can sometimes get in the way of work. Working for a start-up, everyone in my office is really close. We see each other aaaall day and there’s nothing in the office that can remain a secret for too long. This is good because transparency is key to have good company culture but sometimes I … Continue Reading

I’m a shy person; I don’t like to be the center of attention. I prefer a small group of friends and when out at night, although I love to go out, I prefer to be with “my crowd”. When there’s a large group of people (friends of friends and so on), I tend to stay … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday to me!! Today I’m 25 and I wanted to do a post that will inspire you on Monday morning as well as myself. So, I have a couple of women who, have built businesses from the ground up that I want to share with you for a dose of motivation and knowing that … Continue Reading

Every summer, I tell myself I’m going to be more fun! I’m going to wear tighter clothes, I’m going to buy myself some cut-off shorts and so on but it never happens. I’m very conservative when I dress and during summer I see all these girls wearing cute things that are a bit more revealing … Continue Reading

So you are in your 20’s or early 30’s – Should you be taking vitamins aside from the ones that come in the foods you consume everyday? I’ve had mixed feelings about this because when I go to the doctor once a year, she tells me to take Vitamin D just to be safe and … Continue Reading

This question is something I’ve had in mind for a while; Should I find a mentor? Is there someone I should talk to about my career, my aspirations, what I should do? While I think about this, I also think that everyone’s desires are different, everyone’s paths are different and although I might one day … Continue Reading