Since the beginning of 2016 I have begun taking this space very seriously. Everything I post has a reason behind it and although this is looked by me as a business, I truly hope I’m helping some of you out with having a better life while killing it at work and achieving your dreams! I’m … Continue Reading

This outfit is from my road trip last week to Colorado. I wore this in Houston as it was very very hot! I chose to wear my sneakers because we were going to walk a lot and my Steve Madden “vans” give me blisters sometimes. It felt weird to wear sneakers with a normal outfit … Continue Reading

There was a time in my life (maybe during High School?) that I loved reading. I would lose myself in books and read them in a couple of days. But, then came college, then came the masters and then came work and I sort of drifted away from books! Last week I was away on … Continue Reading

Networking is a very daunting subjects. Actually, it’s one of my least favorite activities when it comes to working and being a “business” person. I’m a naturally shy person, so the thought of going to a place where I don’t know anyone and starting a conversation is hooorrriblee! But, what can I do? It’s part … Continue Reading

I don’t wear much dresses but this one is great for the weekend and also for the office! I wore it like this over the weekend we spent in Naples and to the office a couple of weeks ago with a red blazer. You can see the office look, here!  Outfit Details: Dress: Some options, … Continue Reading

As you probably already picked up, I love a good “dolce fare niente” moment in my life. Sure, work is awesome and I love it but… don’t we deserve some down time after-hours? Yeap. Today, I’m rounding up 10 things you can do after work to relax… Some things might be Miami related as this … Continue Reading

We all have dreams. Whether it’s a dream about getting married, raising a family, being a soccer mom, traveling the world, live on an island, work from home, own a company, work for a multi-national corporation, change the world… everything starts with a dream. In my opinion, a dream is all you need to spark … Continue Reading

Hi girls! It’s 12:19 am as I’m writing this post. Went on a date with one of my besties after work and got home at 11pm. I’m traveling on Saturday to Colorado with my family and tomorrow (today?) is Friday which means I’m doing something fun after work sooo, I had to pack and now, … Continue Reading

Last Saturday, I was invited to take a class at The Barre Code Miami by Jo (Master Trainer) and wanted to give you a little recap plus information about this new “workout trend” we’ve been seeing called “BARRE”. A while back I took a barre class but wasn’t too much into it. This time around, … Continue Reading

  Some people might criticize me for writing this post thinking I don’t know what I’m saying since I’m 24 years old. At 24 years old, some people are still in college, others are in grad school or others are backpacking somewhere around the world. Well, I have done college, grad school and traveled a … Continue Reading