gear up foundation, american tribute flag, 911, september 11 memorial, nine eleven, 911 memorialHi! It’s Friday!! wohooo! A lot of people might feel excited about the weekend because it’s their time off and others, well, maybe not so much. I don’t really know if I’m excited about the weekend haha maybe I am. So, how are ya? I missed my night class this week because I was stuck in Miami for a meeting but that’s ok, because my group turned in our assignment but the bad thing is I have a test next week and I missed the lesson so, we’ll have to see how that works out. 

Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about a foundation I have partnered with for a good cause. I have always wanted to create a foundation in which I could help out other people, make a difference. The thing is, with everything I have going on, I would never have time to dedicate to my foundation thus, it will have to wait a little. Someday I’ll do it. But, for now, I can work with other great ones out there. gear up foundation, american tribute flag, 911, september 11 memorial, nine eleven, 911 memorialEverything happened out of the blue but I’m glad it happened. I met Monica through a friend (and by meeting I mean, text and email) and we instantly connected. I felt like when she spoke (typed) she was speaking from her heart and she meant everything she said. Well, Monica is the wife of the co-founder of the Gear Up Foundation. Gear Up is a foundation dedicated to all who served this country on 9/11. Vincent Forras (Monica’s husband) was a volunteer first responder that day of Sept. 11, 2001 and during all the chaos that day, he lost his group and was stuck beneath all the mess.Vincent felt he was dying, he was ready to go but then something inside him made him feel like he could get out of there. He had a vision of his 3 children and said he could even smell them, so he asked God to please let him get up and be save. Vincent promised he would get out of there and dedicate his life to everyone that had served USA. And so, he did. gear up foundation, american tribute flag, 911, september 11 memorial, nine eleven, 911 memorialVincent is the co-founder of Gear Up Foundation and their mission is to Honor those who perished on 9/11/2001 and those who continue to suffer and die because of illnesses sustained at Ground Zero.

“To act as ambassadors of goodwill, exemplified by the passion, bravery, and brotherhood of firefighters, as we provide fire fighting equipment, gear, and training to departments in need worldwide bringing our world together because of the attacks on 9/11 rather than tearing us apart as the terrorists had dreamed.”gear up foundation, american tribute flag, 911, september 11 memorial, nine eleven, 911 memorialI feel so happy and honored to be working with them to raise awareness about what’s happening out there. There’s good and there’s bad in the world, I know that, I have seen that but somehow the bad always stay with us longer. 9/11 didn’t end on 9/11/2011, it is still happening and there’s organizations out there that want to make a difference, I hope you’d want to make a difference too.

Xo, Belen

This post was sponsored by Gear Up Foundation, all opinions are my own.



It sounds like a great cause and it’s often funny how you meet your new friends online, unexpectedly isn’t it. I hope it goes well for you!

Raindrops of Sapphire


It really is a great cause… they are doing so many beautiful things!
Yess!! It’s so so weird but awesome at the same time 🙂

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