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Hii! Welcome to my blog!  I want to properly introduce you to A Hint of Life, so you can get to know me a little better, the story of why I founded a lifestyle blog, where it’s been and where it’s going.

About A Hint of Life Blog

I was born in Ecuador and moved to the USA when I was 11. We moved because of my dad’s job, he was working in Haiti and because the company was American, we had the opportunity to live in Miami. The move to the USA wasn’t at all easy; my dad could only visit us every three weeks, we didn’t really know anyone in the city (except for a few of my dad’s friends), we didn’t really speak English (although we understood some because we went to a bilingual school in Ecuador) and everything was just SO different. But, we made it through! It’s been 15 years since the big move and to be honest, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Despite not knowing a lot of English in the beginning, I made my way to become a recognized athlete in my schools, travel and elite teams – Volleyball was my first love – succeeded in middle school, high school, got a bachelor’s and a master’s degree all by the age of 22. Although all of these accomplishments were obviously made by me, I owe everything to my parents.

I consider myself extremely lucky because of the way I was brought up. I can’t tell you I remember a time when I was told “NO” to a dream or a goal because I was a girl. I don’t remember ever being constraint to something because what I wanted was typically done by guys. Since the beginning, my parents allowed me to fearless and fall on my face if I needed to. My parents sacrifice, encouragement and pushiness (is that a word?) led me truly believe in myself and count on me for my wildest dreams. No dream was ever too big and this is what led me to entrepreneurship.

About A Hint of Life Blog

In 2012  I started my first company, Androbel, an online women’s boutique. I wanted to create a space where women could allow themselves to LOVE fashion and style without being judged for it. I have always believed fashion is much more than clothes; it’s a window of our emotions, a tool for creativity and an ally for self-confidence. Androbel’s  purpose was to uplift women’s confidence through beautiful, quality, and sophisticated clothing with the goal to empower women to achieve their dreams.

Then, in 2015, I took on of the most difficult decisions of my life and decided to close down the boutique. I think its safe to say I was young (I was 20!) and the challenge of being a business owner and going through one of the most difficult times with my family during the same time, took a toll on me and couldn’t keep up with the business.

I was an emotional wreck. I didn’t want to know anything about business, “friends”, investors, ANYTHING! My dad’s business had gone bankrupt and I needed to get a job that could help pay bills and debt. And so, that’s what I did. I worked in retail and marketing. Always treating the companies I worked for as my own, after a while I got tired of them because they really weren’t my own and my work was never recognized as such.

About A Hint of Life Blog

That’s when in 2016, I decided to take a new stab at business and started this blog, A Hint of Life!

Playing around with the idea of a personal blog, I started sharing my personal experiences in the career world and incorporated my love for fashion and lifestyle with the intention to enable women to not give up and follow their dreams.

In the course of two years, I have been able to work with amazing brands that fit with my style and audience like: Kleenex, Michelob Ultra, Wente Wines, Biore, Neutrogena, etc.

Today, A Hint of Life is an online tool that motivates women to truly believe in themselves, never forget why they started and achieve their dreams.

About A Hint of Life Blog

The future of A Hint of Life is to become both an online and offline source of motivation, knowledge and guidance to the millennial woman! How am I going to do that?? 

Just wait and see! xo Belen Baquerizo 

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