Create & Cultivate Teachings

A conference designed for women entrepreneurs that haven’t found the right voice to speak to them. Unfortunately, (although changing), we live in a world that is mostly governed by men so when a girl has an idea, it is often transformed to fit through men’s eyes. Why? Instead of cultivating the women’s idea, it is … Continue Reading

This Week

Hi girls, I wanted to write to you here so you know what’s going on this week with me and of course, A Hint of Life.  Just got back from Create and Cultivate in Atlanta, a conference meant to inspire and motivate you to do awesome things and that’s exactly what I’m planning and re-thinking … Continue Reading

Open Topic: Career Collaboration

I’m sure you have heard the word “collaboration” a thousand times in the past couple of months with the new phenomenon of #girlboss and women empowering women. To be honest, and you can be completely honest with me too… I didn’t 100% believe in this because it seemed too good to be true. You are … Continue Reading

Don’t know what professional path to take?

Like many of us, at some of point at our lives we have to start the so called job hunting – Whether it’s because we are graduating from college or just because we are over our current job and need a different challenge, I imagine, you, like me, have applied to what seems like 176,238,943 … Continue Reading

Work & Emotions

Emotions can sometimes get in the way of work. Working for a start-up, everyone in my office is really close. We see each other aaaall day and there’s nothing in the office that can remain a secret for too long. This is good because transparency is key to have good company culture but sometimes I … Continue Reading

Introvert Alert: Small Talk Tips

I’m a shy person; I don’t like to be the center of attention. I prefer a small group of friends and when out at night, although I love to go out, I prefer to be with “my crowd”. When there’s a large group of people (friends of friends and so on), I tend to stay … Continue Reading

Successful Women That Inspire

Happy Birthday to me!! Today I’m 25 and I wanted to do a post that will inspire you on Monday morning as well as myself. So, I have a couple of women who, have built businesses from the ground up that I want to share with you for a dose of motivation and knowing that … Continue Reading

Should You Find Mentor?

This question is something I’ve had in mind for a while; Should I find a mentor? Is there someone I should talk to about my career, my aspirations, what I should do? While I think about this, I also think that everyone’s desires are different, everyone’s paths are different and although I might one day … Continue Reading

A Hint of Life Re-Launch!

Since the beginning of 2016 I have begun taking this space very seriously. Everything I post has a reason behind it and although this is looked by me as a business, I truly hope I’m helping some of you out with having a better life while killing it at work and achieving your dreams! I’m … Continue Reading

How To Stand Out At Networking Events

Networking is a very daunting subjects. Actually, it’s one of my least favorite activities when it comes to working and being a “business” person. I’m a naturally shy person, so the thought of going to a place where I don’t know anyone and starting a conversation is hooorrriblee! But, what can I do? It’s part … Continue Reading