Hi Lovelies!

I have started collaborating from the Digital Stylist Network and since Fall is around the corner, I made a little Pre-Fall 2014 Mood Board! Do you love fall? It’s my favorite season! I love the crisp mornings and the hot lattes <3.

I have a binder full of collages like this that I used to do. I think I did one every month up until 2012 or 2011 when I stopped having so much free time haha. I would cut out my favorite pieces from magazines and create different outfits on white sheets of paper. This year, I started cutting some pictures out because I wanted to get back into it but never really followed through so, when I saw this opportunity… I jumped at it! It helps my creativity and makes me happy!

Hope you like it! If you do, please share it with the #DNSTrends because I can win a $100 gift card! woohooo!

What’s your favorite fall trend?

Xo, Belen

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