A Hint of Life about friends and familyThe other day someone on my Facebook wrote that with the years, we grow apart… This happens, I guess, because we grow up, we go to work, we probably move to a different city, we meet someone and then we get married. Our families will always be our families but we, as individuals have the urge to create our own little family . Then, I remembered my other friend, who said, friends are the family we choose and I agree. We are born into our families but you are not really responsible for what happens or how you are brought up… it’s on your parents, your uncles, your grandparents and so no; but, we do have a say in who we surround ourselves with and how we shape our life and how we bring up our own children. A Hint of Life about friends and familyOften, I see people that have what I call,”Party Friends”. They go out, they drink, they have fun but they don’t really each other… to me, that’s not friendship. If we have the luxury of being able to choose our own families, why not cultivate it? Why not embrace it? Why not grow with them? 

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