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I tried to have a proper 4th of July post here on the blog but… it was a very eventful day! Started off with Wimbledon and then the world cup, then bbq and then party time at a friend’s house! This collage is from the party. First with my love, then with my best friend who now lives in Vermont and then with my love again with my college roomate. It’s funny how life throws you around; up, down, from side to side but then you end up at the same place… home. Home not being the physical place but, at the heart. Like they say in yoga ” The heart center”. It really is true, home is where love is.

I wanted to write up a post about USA. I know people from a lot of countries, a lot of backgrounds and lots of different cultures yet, we all live here. When I first moved to this country when I was 11 years old, I thought it was so cool to be living here and thought life would be just like it in the movies: the big house, the big car, the big tv, the sports, the college life, etc. It turns out, my life, indeed developed like I had seen it in the movies when I was little. We moved to this country and everything happened. When I was younger, I probably thought that everyone in this country had the same life but as I grew older, I realized that was not true. Not everyone has the same life because nothing is equal and unfortunately not everyone has the same opportunities. I know a lot of people that have this sort of hate towards USA and I simply cannot understand it. If things are so horrible here, then why are you here? I don’t mean to sound arrogant or mean or heartless but it’s the simple truth. So many people complain about there not being the American Dream anymore, they complain that they are not really “free” here, they complain about the drinking age, the individualistic culture, etc and really, all I have to say is: If you had stayed in your country, half the life you have now would have not been possible. People get so stuck in the negative, that they are blinded from the positive. Look around. If you are reading this, it’s because you have a computer or a phone that allows you to do it. You are also probably not doing it in the middle of the street, you are probably in a house or some type of infrastructure that has air conditioning and free wifi. Do not complain. Yes, there might be injustice here too. I’m not saying USA is perfect and honestly, I don’t think it will ever be, but we are good.

I thank God and life, I had the parents I have because yes, I have lived a worry-free life but I have also seen my parents work day in and day out. When we moved here, I saw my dad twice a month for a weekend because he was working in Haiti. When we moved here, we didn’t speak the language nor did we know anyone. The only people my dad knew here were some family we have up in New Jersey and his work friends from Haiti, he really did not have any connections. I know that the worry-free life I’ve had didn’t come easy, everything was worked for but, I do know that nothing would have been possible without this country. The schools, the people that surrounded us, the security and overall the freedom that we have to become whoever we want to be. There is a saying that says something like this: “The rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor”. Not true, not here.

So, where am I getting to? I’m not trying to brag about my family or my parents of the life I have lived.  I’m trying to use it as an example, a way to get through to people. Don’t think you can have it better somewhere else. Maybe you can. But you are here and there are so many things to be grateful for. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, America is where its at. Live the life you want… but, be prepared to work for it.


Xo, Belen

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