Waaa!! Freak out time! Christmas is almost here and I haven’t started shopping yet! If there’s something you should know, is that I’m terrible at planning for these things. That’s why I have this blog to help you and at the same time, HELP MYSELF! A Hint of Life shares her Christmas Shopping Tips Christmas/Holiday Time is a great time to give back to your loved ones. Although material things are really not important, it’s a nice gesture to give them something to make sure they know you appreciate them. You can also do this with a love letter but you get the point; right?”

Here are a few tips that I follow when shopping for Christmas presents. Implement them in your shopping strategy this year 🙂

1. Set a total budget – Don’t over spend! You’ll have to pay your credit card the next month and you don’t want to start your year in debt!

2. Make a list of the people you want to gift! This will help you stay inside your budget

3. Divide your budget – Maybe you have someone you want to spend more on? Know ahead of time so you don’t go over budget.

4. Start with the easy ones. Saves you time 🙂

–  Check their social media – People tend to post things that they like, so this can give you hints!

–  If you live with them, go to their room and their closet! Is there something that looks old??

–  Ask their significant other– Have they mentioned something? Is there something you can’t get her/him that I can?

5. Group the people by tastes and find a place where you can shop for more than 1 person!

I have to start, so the first thing I will do is… SET A BUDGET!! and then create a list of my people 🙂

Hope this helps! Thank you for reading!! Join me on my day to day on InstagramFacebook & Snapchat! (belenbaquerizo) – Belen

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