Outfit of the DayHi There!

This is what I wore on Saturday. I have been working non-stop since last week and for reason I like this momentum going… hopefully it doesn’t leave me because I need all the energy to get through everything that needs to get done!

How’s your week going? Aside from doing my own business, I’m working part time so I feel like I’m disconnecting a little but I post day to day things on my instagram and facebook! I’ve been doing the #yogagirlchallenge and it has been amazing! It’s 21 days and it has really helped me to think about myself first. Most of the time, I think about things I have to do for others and I do that first but that gets exhausting so it’s important to take care of yourself first; only the, will you shine and providing for others! Outfit of the Day Hola!

Esto es lo que me puse el Sabado. He estado trabajando sin parar desde la semana pasada y por alguna razon me gusta este tipo de “rush” y espero que no se me vaya porque necesito toda la energia posible!

Que tal tu semana? Aparte de trabajar en mi negocio, he estado trabajando medio tiempo y me siento un poco desconectada del blog pero en verdad subo cosas a mi instagram y facebook todos dos dias! He estado haciendo el #yogagirlchallenge y en verdad ha sido increible. Es 21 dias y me ha ayuado a pensar en mi primero. Muchas veces, pienso en lo que el resto de las personas necesitan y hago eso en vez de pensar primero lo que yo necesito o quiero y se vuelve super cansado. Entonces, es super importante cuidarse a si mismo primero y veras como cuando ayudes al resto todo ira mucho mejor! Outfit of the Day
Outfit of the DayOutfit of the Day

How’s your week? Tell me, let’s chat! 

Xo, Belen



I’ve never done Yoga but would love to give it a try. I feel like I’ll make a fool out of myself. Ha


Yes! that’s usually what happens when we first start out. we feel like everyone’s watching us and we are doing all the wrong things but that’s the beauty of yoga; it’s your own practice and everyone else in the room in so invested in themselves that although you feel like they are watching they are really not. Yoga is amazing because it’s about growing each time; the teacher will never expect you to get everything right, you go at your own pace 🙂


beautiful Pictures! love that dress 🙂
– i like you blog, it’s very personale. i’m now following you on bloglovin 🙂



Yay!! thank youu!! I love it when people say they like the way I blog! I try to make it as personal as possible. Thank you 🙂

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