A Hint of Life shares her monday inspiration

Hi everyone! Good Morning!! This past weekend I really took my word and put it to action. I talk on the blog about work-life balance aallll the time and how we have to make time for family, friends, relaxing and so on but honestly, it’s tough putting it to action when I work 9-6 from Monday-Friday and I only have some nights and the weekend to work on this amazing little project of mine! Anyway, if you see my snapchats (ahintoflifeblog) , instagram or facebook, you will see what I was up to this entire weekend with my family 🙂

On Wednesday, the blog will be back to regular scheduling with a fitness routine and Friday, style post with direct links to similar items!

I want to leave you to day with this quote. I LOVEEEE Nicholas Sparks and these words seem exactly right to me. What do you think? Always listen to your heart, it will lead you to more happiness.

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