Beauty Products Working For Me

You know that moment when you FIND the perfect products for your skincare routine? All the products seem to be doing great with your skin and then, it all stops? YEAP! This just happened to me. On my previous Beauty Posts, I have talked to you guys about Glossier’s products and how great they have … Continue Reading

The Skin Care Products I Recently Ran Out Of

Jeans: Here, Here, Here  Top:Ann Taylor (Here, Here) For me, skin care has always been before make-up. So much so that my closest friends and family refer to me as the person that was born “old”. My younger self always gravitated towards more “grown-up” stuff like cleaning, ironing, going to my mom’s coffee dates with friends, watching … Continue Reading

Make-Up Inspired by Estee Lalonde

So, when I was home in Florida for winter break, I started watching Estée Lalonde’s youtube videos and instantly fell in love with her. If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I love beauty and so I follow lots of beauty blogs and youtube channels! After binge-watching all of her beauty videos, I decided … Continue Reading

Skincare Routine: SkinMedica Review

One month has passed since I started using the SkinMedica Illuminating Eye-Cream – see the before pictures here – and I have some things to report back!  So, the plan was to wear the cream in the morning and at night for a month and I did exactly as planned.  The results, were great! I’m not … Continue Reading

We are Loving: Beauty Supply

I have mentioned over and over my love for beauty products. Everything that encompasses skin care tips, beauty tips, I LOVE! this love has moved down to my sister, Andre and recently I introduced her to one of my favorite beauty stores, Glossier. Today, we wanted to share our current beauty supply with you. We are … Continue Reading

Skincare Routine: Dark Circles

Last week I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist, whom I call “My God” because he always seems to understand my sensitive skin and provide me with AWESOME skin care brands that really work. If you have been reading the blog for a while you know I’m a supporter of new, innovative brands so trying … Continue Reading

On-The-Go Skincare

Ever since high school, or even, middle school, I’ve been getting facials. My friends (even my mom) thought I was a little crazy because facials is normally something older women did… not a 15 year old girl. But then again, my personality has always been a bit “old” and I’ve always just really cared a … Continue Reading

Get Everyday Wellness Into Your Life

The word wellness, kinda scares people away. When we talk about wellness, everyone automatically thinks we are going to talk about rituals and meditation and how you have to change your ENTIRE life around to achieve some kind of normalcy and tranquility. So, today I’m here to let you know that wellness is not a … Continue Reading

7 Day Skin Cleanse

I did a 7 day skin cleanse to make my skin more glowy and just to not have all of those impurities that lead to greasy face and zits. The 7 days were HARD!!! I’m used to eating rice everyday but that wasn’t the tough part… coffee was what kind of killed me because I … Continue Reading

Take Care Of Yourself: Home Facial

I have always loved the spa. I love the feeling of walking to the spa… the dimmed lights, the aroma, the tea and all the lotions involved. For me, going to the spa for a massage or a facial is well deserved but, incredibly expensive. I would love to be able to go to the … Continue Reading