How to Keep Learning

Hi girls! most of us are working a regular 9-5 job (it’s more like 9-6) and although we might like and enjoy it, our heads are probably somewhere else when it comes to… what’s next? Do you feel like you have hit a bump in the road and don’t know where to go? Should you … Continue Reading

How to be a real manager

Hi girls, in this installment of Career Advice, we will be talking about Management Skills. I’m reading the book “It’s OK to Be the Boss” and it has actually been a really helpful book. As career women we are either in a management position or will be promoted to be in a managerial position sometime … Continue Reading

Finding Career Guidance

Hey there career woman! It’s been a little while since we last spoke but as the end of the year is approaching, I wanted to share bits and pieces of the book Lean In which has taken me a while to read but really does offer great career advice. (Here’s a list of books I … Continue Reading

Successful Women That Inspire

Happy Birthday to me!! Today I’m 25 and I wanted to do a post that will inspire you on Monday morning as well as myself. So, I have a couple of women who, have built businesses from the ground up that I want to share with you for a dose of motivation and knowing that … Continue Reading

Comparison is… *Update*

Hello! So, If you have seen my instagram, you probably know that my computer broke down and I had to take it to the Apple store. Turns out I had a corrupted software and lost all of my information. Sad. But that’s ok. I kind of feel like I get to start over and it … Continue Reading

Life: Book Review- The Stranger

Hi Girlies, It’s Friday. I was supposed to do this post on Tuesday but couldn’t get to it. As some of you know (from my Instagram account)I have been reading “The Stranger” and I’m finally done!! YAY! I have to say, I really enjoyed this book because it was an easy read and also because … Continue Reading