So you are in your 20’s or early 30’s – Should you be taking vitamins aside from the ones that come in the foods you consume everyday? I’ve had mixed feelings about this because when I go to the doctor once a year, she tells me to take Vitamin D just to be safe and then at home, my mom tells me I’m too young to be taking vitamins, that my body will get used to it if I start early… as if they were some sort of drug.

I have been reading things from Lauren Conrad for a long time now and she swears on her vitamins. She takes them everyday and encourages us to take them. But why? Well, I have done some research about it because part of me feels I should take them. So, based on the reports I have read, it’s important to take vitamins in your 20’s because although we are young and healthy and beautiful, we have to prepare our bodies for the future. Most importantly, you have to prepare yourself from when you decide it’s time to make babies as you will be carrying someone inside you, your body has to be healthy and strong.

When I say vitamins, I mean anything also that comes into the shape of a pill. For example, fiber is neither a vitamin nor a mineral… it’s a carbohydrate but it’s something you should take seriously. Fiber lowers cholesterol levels and helps reduce the risk of breast cancer. You can find fiber in many foods like raw fruits, vegetables and cereals, but… if your doctor says you should have more of it, you can find it in Metamucil.

should you take vitamins in your 20s

Iron, you lose iron every time your period comes. When you lose too much iron, your chances of anemia are higher so if you don’t eat meat, you should consider taking iron pills – Anemia will make you feel reallly tired and of course, we don’t want this.

Calcium! By the time you are 30, your bones are as strong as they will ever be. If you don’t fortify them, there’s a high risk or Osteoporosis. Traditionally, milk has calcium and Broccoli as well. If you are like me, I only drink milk with coffee and broccoli is my least favorite vegetable sooo… maybe taking calcium pills is not such a bad idea, huh?

Vitamin D! This one is really important because all day we are inside the office and when we are out we have to protect our skin from skin cancer so we wear hats and put a lot of sunscreen. Actually, a lot of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency and this is bad! Vitamin D helps you battle with mood swings and also helps your bones… please take care of your vitamin D!

So, what to take from this? I would at least take an all-in-one vitamin just to keep it safe! Of course also check with your doctor- have some blood tests done to make sure all your levels are normal and go from there. I think no matter how young you are, you have to be prepared. Do you currently take vitamins? Which ones?

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