A Hint of Life goes to Wanderlust 108 during weekendHope you all had a great weekend!!

The weekends are a bit tricky. During the week, I always think i’m going to have all this energy to do exciting things on the weekend but when the weekend comes around… #fail. On Fridays, since it’s the last day of the working week, I usually want to go to dinner and have drinks and have a GOOD FRIDAY NIGHT. The problem with having a GOOD FRIDAY NIGHT is that on Saturday I feel too tired to do anything; I wake up late and all of my plans just crumble.

This weekend was different. I knew I had something to do Saturday morning so I did something calm on Friday; I went to the movies with my boyfriend. I didn’t consume alcohol, just water a bit of coca-cola to stay awake. On Saturday of course it was difficult to get up but I managed. At 8:30 am, My sister and I, were already at the park for our fun activity. WANDERLUST 108. woohoo! A Hint of Life goes to Wanderlust 108 during weekendI still can’t believe I ran a 5k. I mean, for some people this is nothing but I’m not a runner so to be able to finish (of course, I walked a bit) was such a proud moment! After running, we took a 1.5 hour yoga class and then a guided meditation. It was wonderful! When we got back home though, at around 5pm I was exhausted and took a nap. (4 hour long nap!) woke up at around 9pm (oopsies!) and watched a movie with my parents. My head hurt because of the sun so I went to sleep. A Hint of Life goes to Wanderlust 108 during weekendI loved this weekend. I really didn’t do anything extremely fun but I think I enjoyed it more than the weekends when I go out at night. There’s something different about spending quality time, being healthy and doing good stuff.  This is something different for me but I’m going to try to do more “outdoor activities” on the weekends from now on. It’s a breath of fresh air and it really relaxes you from a busy week at work. All we have to do is plan for it :). 

How do you spend your weekends???! Do you party hard or relax hard?

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