The Holidays are the best part of the year hands down but if you are like me, things can get a bit overwhelming. I’m always the one buying gifts last minute, trying to catch up with friends while I wrap up work and my mind is going 100 miles a minute when I should be slowing down. I’m sure I’m not alone on this that’s why I chose the Holistic Wellness topic to speak about last week at UniLatina International College   

So here we go! Let’s talk about holistic wellness during the holidays. Also, if you don’t want to read, I created a video!! I’m going to start incorporating videos into my blog posts because we all love video, so why not? Here’s the video and I’m so going to write everything out, just can in case some of you want to read. So now you’ve got options! yaaay! 

To start off… “What is Holistic Wellness?”

By definition, wellness is: the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

In easier words,  wellness is: Setting goals for yourself that support and enhance your everyday life through nutrition and fitness which translate into general health.

To make it even EASIER, holistic wellness is eating well, exercising regularly and developing your mind in your own terms. You choose what makes you happy! Easy enough? 

Great!! Now that we know what holistic wellness is, here’s how I’m working on my mindset. Because, our minds are the most important thing in anything we want to achieve. Our minds needs to be in the right place for us to be well and to achieve holistic wellness; specially during the holidays. 

Steps I’m taking to work on my mind during the holidays 

  1. Stop comparing myself to others: When we focus on ourselves we serve others better. I know “focus on yourself” can sound selfish but in reality it’s not. We can’t help others if we can’t help ourselves, so I encourage you to think about yourself first during the holidays as only you know what’s right for you. 
  2. Write down how I want to feel: This is important because a lot of times we focus on quantitative goals like: I want to lose 13.7 lbs or I want to fit into a size 2 jean but these goals can make us obsessive with our behavior so I’m encouraging myself and YOU to start thinking about How you want to feel
  3. Write down whyAfter we know how we want to feel it’s important to write down our why. Why do we want this specific feeling? If we don’t know why then our answer to how we want to feel is probably a result of comparing ourselves to others.
    • We need to know our why and always remember it. Holistic Wellness doesn’t happen over night and the only way to be consistent in our healthier actions is by knowing why we are doing something. 
  4. Don’t deprive myself from the things I love: A lot of times if we are in this holistic wellness journey or just any kind of healthier lifestyle journey, we tend to deprive ourselves. Not anymore! We only live once and depriving ourselves is not doing us any good. If we deprive ourselves we are faking our holistic wellness journey and the journey will end pretty quickly. We don’t want that. 
  5. Using 20 minutes for personal development: Now, I know you guys LOVE personal development, inspirational, motivational, self-help books, I do too! But how many times do we read a book, feel inspired and leave it behind?? I have it soo many times!
    • So, what I’m pushing myself to do more and more of, is reading with a highlighter or journal next to me. I highlight or write down things that resonate with me or things that I can apply in everyday to improve my life. This is how we actually develop ourselves; by doing the work, not just by shifting through pages and feeling inspired. Remember this little tip next time you read! 

3 Holistic Wellness Tips I'm Following During The Holidays

Making Life Our Own 

Next! Now that we know how to start working on our mind, I want to share 3 little things I often remind myself of to live a life I’m happy about. 

  1. Fully understand health is a priority but living a fun life is also a priority: We can’t do anything in life if we are not healthy; I live by this thought but I never want to live a life of restriction. This is what holistic wellness is all about. Understanding the priority of health but also understanding we need live life, have fun and be happy! 
  2. Understand you have to do the work – willingness to change: There’s no one in this world that will make you want to change if you are not willing to change. This goes back to my questions in the section above: How do you want to feel? Why?? If we are not able to answer these questions, then we are not ready for our life to change… just yet. 
  3. There’s no one size fits all – you get to choose what works best for you: Again, this is the basis of holistic wellness. I can’t tell you what activities are going to change your life because it’s up to you. I can recommend nutrition, workouts and books but, there’s so much out there! This is the fun part of being on a holistic wellness journey, we get to interview ourselves to find out what we are willing to commit to: 
    1. What kind of workouts do I like?
    2. What type of vegetables do I like the taste of? 
    3. Do I like to read? or do I prefer listening to self-help podcasts on my way to work?

These are questions we should always ask ourselves; we are always evolving so it’s necessary to know what’s going to help us get to the next level in our journey. 

Ok! The part we have all been waiting for! 

The 3 Holistic Wellness Tips I’m Following

I don’t know about you, but I want to live a life of ease, grace and flow and I believe I CAN DO IT! it’s the reason why I started my blog and this health and fitness journey so, during the holidays when I’m a bit stressed out, these are the 3 holistic wellness tips I’m following: 

  1. Eat without feeling guilty. Guilt propels emotional eating and that propels more and more eating which turns into more and more guilt. NONE OF THAT HERE! I will eat what I want, in moderation. And you should too! 
  2. Enjoy my family and friends. CONFESSION time: I’m a workaholic and when I’m not working I feel guilty. If you are like me, I’m so glad I’m not alone 🙂 BUT, this holiday season I want to push myself to liberate from work. I want to leave my phone behind at dinner, I want to shut down the computer and really, really, ENJOY my family and friends. Let’s try this together; what do you say?
  3. Exercise as much as possible. 30 minutes, 5 days a week is what I’m doing! I know not everyone is at this point in their holistic wellness journey but I encourage you to at least go for a walk 3 or 4 times a week. Because when you are eating more than usually and you move your body, happy thoughts rather than guilt fill feel your mind! 

Lastly, If we follow these 3 tips we will be in a happy place in our lives and THAT is the perfect moment to make plans. 

Plan your next steps

We shouldn’t make plans in our lives when we are going downhill. Just like businesses ask for loan and investments when the business is going well, we need to plan for our future when we are on top with HAPPY FEELINGS. Everything that comes out of your brain when you are happy will only push to be even MORE HAPPY and that my bestie, is Holistic Wellness.

So, here are the questions to ask: 

  • How do I want to feel?
  • Why?
  • In what areas of my life do I need help?
  • How can I get there?
  • What am I willing to do?
  • How much time and money am I willing to invest?

This is it! These are the tips I’m incorporating into my life this holiday season and I hope you do too! 

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