How many times have you been searching the web for makeup products? More than you’d like to admit, I suppose – Same as us. With the massive selection of makeup products in the market today, it’s overwhelming to select the top ones for your everyday makeup routine so much that we just keep buying the same products although they are probably not the healthiest for your skin or the world environment.

Beauty For Real is a makeup brand that was built on the genesis of breaking through the overwhelming makeup shopping experience by providing you with simple, everyday products. Andre and I have been testing these cruelty free, paraben free makeup products for the past month and wanted to share our 3 key products from the brand as they have truly helped our everyday makeup routines. See them below:

3 Key Makeup Products From Beauty For Real

1.Blush & Go: Cream-to-powder blush and highlighter. 

Belen: I LOVE this product the most! It’s easy to apply with your fingertips and it’s very subtle. Your cheeks almost look like you are blushing so your makeup is not overdone. For me, subtle, natural looking makeup is the best so, I recommend this one if you like your makeup to look as natural as possible.

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2. Shadow STX: Cream-to-powder eye shadow stick.  

Belen: Again, for me it’s all about easy and this eye shadow stick does it for me. The color is brownish and blends well with my skin (They have different tones that can match your skin color). The best thing about it is that it’s not powder so it stays on your skin for a long time and you don’t have to re-apply throughout the day.

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3 Key Makeup Products From Beauty For Real

3. Lip Cream + Color: Super hydrating liquid lipstick. 

Belen: Normally, I’m a bit hesitant about liquid lipsticks because if you have long hair, it will stick to your lips! But, to be completely honest… this lip cream is different. The color doesn’t fade easily and your lips feel hydrated because the formula has all-natural Brazilian cupuacu butter 🙂

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