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3 questions to improve your emotional intelligence
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Emotional intelligence was first introduced into my life when an old boss told one of my co-workers she needed to work on her emotional intelligence and recommended a book for her – a book she never read. Since then, I’ve been interested in all things personal development and suddenly, emotional intelligence came back around. As such, here’s a glimpse into what emotional intelligence means, 3 questions to help you improve it and lastly, what will change in your life once you have taken full control of your emotional intelligence. Let’s get it it! 

What is emotional Intelligence? 

An array of skills and characteristics that drive leadership performance; meaning, the ability to recognize, understand and manage personal emotions to excel at interpersonal skills which often leads to career success. Got it? 

We are here to learn how to understand our mind, think before speaking and whether or not we should speak at all, in specific circumstances. 

The 3 questions you always need to ask yourself 

  • Does this need to be said? 
  • Does this need to be said by me?
  • Does this need to be said by me, now?

Seems insignificant but, how many times have you said the wrong thing at the wrong time? Thinking before speaking, will improve your relationships – at work and at home. 

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What will change in your life

You’ll benefit from criticism: We know that judgment and criticism is an outward projection on ourselves. So, next time you feel judged or criticized, think before speaking, control your emotions and ask yourself: How can this (criticism) make me better? 

Forgive and forget: You’ll understand that what’s done is done and to move forward. 

Show authenticity: You’ll learn to say what you mean, mean what you say, and stay true to your values

Want to learn more on emotional intelligence? Read this article and buy this book. 

3 questions to improve your emotional intelligence
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