5 Innovative Beauty Treatments You Must Try

{By Helen Bradford} – Every year brings along new trends in fashion and beauty. While true beauty comes from within, if you want to boost your confidence, or simply save time in your busy and demanding life, check out the following beauty treatments freshly curated for you:  

DPL for a Smooth Summer Experience

How come we are still talking about razor blades? Some ladies may just argue that “laser hair removal” has been around for years but, not everyone is into it … just yet. Thankfully, the more ways there are to get rid of unwanted hair, and the longer it’s around, people will get more adapted to it. So, jump on the bandwagon of Dynamic Pulsed Light treatment. By targeting the black pigments in your hair, it will cause it to dissolve alongside the follicle. You will be carefree and ready for shorts and the beach, always.


Uh-oh! Here is another fancy facial treatment! Dermaplaning will give you glowing youthful look and it also stimulates collagen production. This procedure involves the practitioner scraping your face with a tiny blade and thus removing the dead skin and tiny facial hair your skin is covered in.

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An improved Face-Lift

For some, there comes a time where the results of non-invasive procedures and treatments just aren’t enough. So, when you feel like the results aren’t living up to your expectations, you might want to try something a bit more effective. A face-lift is called a ‘golden standard’ in cosmetic surgery for a reason: the results of face and neck lift last longer, and even though the procedures are more invasive, you will look years younger. The recovery time is only a couple of weeks, but for changes in skin sensations to be resolved completely, you should wait about a year. It’s important to follow the advice given by the surgeon to return to your normal routine as soon as possible.


Microblading is another long-term solution to a stubborn issue. It will help you get the rich brows you’ve been dreaming of. We find that the world or at least some parts of it should step away from the Japanese eyebrow tattoo to embrace a more natural look of microblading.  Instead of drawing up a new set of eyebrows to simplify the explanation of the Japanese model, you will be drawing on additional hair (another simplification) to your brows and thus make them look fuller.

By placing the pigments under your skin and applying them with a stroke-like motion to mimic the hair, the practitioner will relieve you of the burden of having to touch up your eyebrows every time you leave your home. Alternatively, you can try out the gel make up which also seems to be a longish-term solution.


We are staying in the micro zone. What Micro-botox is supposed to do is decrease the size of your pores, decrease oil production, and make the skin smoother. It still has its anti-age effects, where your wrinkles get ironed through the natural stimulation of collagen production. The procedure is not painful at all and it involves only tiny amounts of botox injected more superficially than its predecessor.

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It’s SO nice to see that health and beauty treatments also benefit from the fast development of science and technology. Every single one of these treatments is completely safe and they can help you get rid of your longstanding issues in a non-invasive way. Always consult with a professional and DO NOT take short-cuts.

Which one will you try?

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