Who doesn’t want radiant, glowing, dewy skin? The good news is that it is possible to achieve; the not so good news, is that most of us will have to do some work to get it. This is because our skin is actually an organ of the body, and as such it will, as a rule, reflect our health, as well as the care and attention we invest in it. Something that can be bad news for those of us that could live a more healthy lifestyle! Luckily, there are some things that we can start doing right away to improve the look and feel of our skin. Just keep reading to find out the 6 actions to take today for better skin:

6 Actions To Take Today For Better Skin!


Fight pollution for better skin

Pollution is known to be disastrous for the environment, and it can be seriously bad news for our skin too. This is because the skin absorbs the tiny particles that are flying around in the air and then can have a really tough time getting rid of them. Sadly, this can lead to severe skin issues as premature ageing, wrinkles, dullness, and brown spots.

That is why it’s so important to focus on fighting pollution’s effect on our skin right now. Happily, there are several ways of doing this, the first, being very easy as it’s just adding more plants to our home and offices. This is because plants can help filter the air and release oxygen too, something that will be much better for the condition of our skin. They just so happen to be on trend right now as well, as you can see from this post, so that’s another benefit as well.

There are other approaches to put to practice as well, including using products that protect the dermis against pollution or cleanse it thoroughly when it does come into contact with it. In fact, many skincare providers are now developing products that are deliberately formulated to guard and protect skin from the dangers of air pollution. Something you can read more about here.

Eat a rainbow 

While this advice may sound all hearts and unicorns, it’s actually some seriously useful information. The reason being that eating many different colors of fruit and vegetables is so good for the skin is because this is a way of getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.

For example in blueberries you will find vitamin A, while in oranges there are antioxidants, while in leafy green vegetables like kale you can get your daily dose of vitamin K. All crucial nutrients for keeping the skin looking nice and young, and they taste pretty good too, so there really is no excuse for not starting to eating more of these delicious skin boosting foods today!

Face masks 

Facemasks are another ritual that you can commit to today that can seriously help improve the condition and look of your skin. They don’t take long to apply either, which makes the perfect night-time routine; even for those of us with the busiest of schedules.

Of course for them to work in the right way and ensure that you look your best you will need to match the type of mask you use to the needs that your individual skin type has.

Currently, there is a trend for detoxifying clay mask, which can work particularly well for greasy or blemish-prone skin because they are jammed pack with purifying ingredients. Such masks usually need to be washed off instead of peeled off through so be aware they can get a little messy! Also, remember that if you have unusually dry or delicate skin this type of mask may not be the best choice for you. Instead, something that is more gentle and even nourishing would be a better option, because you will want to hydrate and plump the epidermis cells rather than draw their contents out.  

6 Actions To Take Today For Better Skin!

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There are also masks out there for particular skin conditions as well including things like rosacea and acne. In fact, some of the best acne-fighting face masks that you can use don’t even need to be purchased because you can make them yourself at home. All with some simple everyday kitchen ingredients!

When it comes to rosacea, however, you need to be particularly careful because this condition is caused by the dilates of the tiny veins in the face. This means that anything that has even the slightest irritant effect can make it considerably worse. Therefore it is crucial that starting from today, you stay away from anything too harsh or strong whether you choose to make your own facemask for this condition or whether you choose to buy a product off the shelf.

Beauty sleep for better skin

Sleep, it’s how we charge ourselves up to get things done in the day, and it’s also the time in which our bodies repair themselves. Of course, that means getting more of it is good for our skin because that is when any damage done in the day can be fixed.

This means two things. The first is that we need to get the right amount of sleep each night. Something that can be improved in many ways including setting a regular sleep routine where we don’t use our electronics and take some time to unwind before bed.

Secondly, if radiant and healthy skin is what you desire you can also use a product or two to help boost your skin’s repairing and regeneration activity during the night. Look out for overnight patches or serums which allow the skin to absorb the product super quickly.  Also, if you want to get a head start this very night look for creams with extract of almond, papaya and even honey as these have a very nourishing and regenerating effect that can be best absorbed while you sleep.

Cleansers count 

Most people are under the impression that to have beautiful skin you need a great moisturizer, and that means they often overlook the importance of the cleanser they are using.

Obviously, you will already know better than to use astringent and drying soap on your face, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you have picked the right cleanser for your skin type. In fact, it’s crucial to realize that the cleanser you select is just as important as the stuff you put on afterwards.

Happily, there are some fabulous cleansers on the market designed especially for each skin type, and to that end, identifying your skin type whether it be delicate, oily, or even combination and picking a cleansers that is appropriate to that is crucial.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new either, if it matches your skin’s needs, as some cleansers even come as foams, or gels, and even as wipe off rather than wash off formulas. The latter being something that preserves as much of the skin integrity as possible. Therefore, before you start to do your cleanse, tone and moisturizer routine today be sure that you have the first step right!

Be mindful of exfoliation 

Lastly, you really need to watch out for over-exfoliation. This because it is such a popular theme in the skincare industry with washes, and creams, and sponges all dedicated to scrapping off that layer of old cells, and revealing the new one underneath. There are even electric brushes now that rotate and are designed to give you a thorough skin clean, daily.

However, exfoliation is actually something that only needs to be done at most once a week, meaning that if you are scrubbing your face every day, then you definitely need to stop!  

In fact what you are doing is continually revealing new and underdeveloped skin cells which can lead to redness, sensitivity, and other skin problems. With that in mind, stop yourself before you reach for the exfoliator tonight and wash your face gently and rinse with water instead!

And these are the 6 actions to take today for better skin! Did we miss any? Leave us your thoughts below! 

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