Use these videos to guide you thru a 6 day judgement detox mediation practice

Hi!! Today I want to share with you my experience with the 6 day judgment detox meditation practice from Gabby Bernstein!

If you follow me on instagram, you saw that last week I was meditating every morning before work and I recorded the meditations on my phone because I wanted to give you a way (audio) to meditate and experience some of the things I felt. I decided to meditate for 6 days because I’m reading Gabby Bernstein’s book “The Judgment Detox” and in one of the last chapters she details out a 6 day meditation program and I thought? Why not?!

I found the practice of yoga almost I’d say 6 years ago and meditation has been one of the most difficult things for me. It’s hard to concentrate, it’s hard to see the things you are supposed to imagine, it’s hard to listen to my inner self and for a while I gave up on it. Until I went back to Gabby’s books and followed some of her shorter meditations. I’d read the text but never actually sat down and meditated because I didn’t have a “voice” to guide me. I thought. I have an iphone, I have a voice and I have the book. I’ll record myself reading the meditations and then I’ll play the video and actually meditate.

And that’s what I did. Here are the 6 videos I awkwardly took of myself everyday reading the meditations. They are awkward and I have to learn how to read a bit slower so that the meditation can flow correctly but I still wanted to share them because I really loved how they made me feel.

These meditations are intended to heal judgment and God knows I hold a lot of it (and with resentment) so I definitely needed it but, aside from releasing judgment, they made me feel light and weightless. Here are some of the notes from my journal.

  • I feel relief. I feel light
  • My chest feels free
  • I feel stillness, cleaned, no emotional stress
  • I feel calm
  • I feel awake, relaxed, my heart and skin are vibrating (wait until you get to meditation #5!!)

I really encourage you to try these meditations. If your thoughts go somewhere else while you are at it, it’s ok. The next day you will get better. I meditated Monday – Saturday and on Sunday when I didn’t, I felt the change in my attitude. On Monday I felt that negative, weird energy again and I went back to one of my recordings and meditated again before jumping into work. It shifted my day.

TO DO: After each meditation take some time to free write your thoughts. anything and everything that comes to your mind and see how your mind starts shifting as the days go by 🙂

Email me or leave any comments here or on instagram if you have any questions at all! xo Belen


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