A Hint of Life shares her skin cleanse challenge and review

I did a 7 day skin cleanse to make my skin more glowy and just to not have all of those impurities that lead to greasy face and zits. The 7 days were HARD!!! I’m used to eating rice everyday but that wasn’t the tough part… coffee was what kind of killed me because I drink it everyday and it’s sort of my ritual in the morning. Coffee for me is more of a leisure experience more than the caffeine effects. I don’t think you can actually see a difference on my face as what I felt changed the most was how my body was feeling but thought I would throw in a picture of my first and last day of the cleanse!

See here all of the instructions for the skin cleanse: A Hint of Life shares her skin cleanse challenge and review

I had temptations like: donuts, wine, ice cream and I decided I was going to be completely honest with this challenge and the truth is, I had little bites! I didn’t finish the donut, nor the ice cream nor the wine but I did have a bite or two.

Where I saw the main difference was in MYSELF! The worst day was the first one but after that was gone, I felt GOOD. I had energy throughout the day and when I started feeling sleepy, I had tea and snacked a lot on fruits. I didn’t have that afternoon crash and throughout the entire week, never felt bloated. My skin was better also, specially on the greasy part. I loved doing this cleanse, wish I could have done it for a longer period of time but, this week I’m only eating whole grains, loads of leafy greens and strictly 1 coffee per day. I loved feeling good, with energy and fresh so I have decided to try to make this “cleanse” into my normal lifestyle.

I recommend you try this cleanse, I promise you will feel great. Have you done cleanses before? How was your experience? 

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