By Lorena Von Plocki from The Daily Bella

Get to know a hint of Miami with Lorena from The Daily Bella

We asked Miami-based style blogger, Lorena from The Daily Bella to give us a hint of Miami according to her. Here’s what she told us:

Oh Miami! Where do we start? Do I start by saying that I wake up happy every day thanks to your beautiful sunshine and tropical weather? Or that I feel completely overjoyed at the fact that I live where most people vacation? I honestly could go on and on about the amazing things Miami has to offer, but we’ll make this worth your read.

If you’ve never been to Miami and only have one afternoon to spend in this beautiful city of mine, I would recommend you spend it in the coolest and trendiest neighborhood of the city: Wynwood. Imagine a combination of SOHO, NY and Venice Beach, CA. Wynwood will show you a good time with that “coolness” minus that NY cold or CA fog.

To start off, grab a bite at GKB Gastronomie. They have a great selection of delicious Peruvian treats. They also have amazing Happy Hour specials so, don’t leave Miami without a refreshing Mojito! And if you are lucky enough, you’ll get to enjoy a great DJ in their picture-perfect patio playing chill lounge music.

Get to know a hint of Miami with Lorena from The Daily Bella

After you’ve enjoyed the food is time to head out to Wynwood Walls which is right across the street. Snapping a picture in Wynwood Walls is the best way to remember your time there. Wynwood is ART and by art, I mean, art galleries, stores, artists and of course street art is everywhere you look. Since art is the Wynwood’s signature, they dedicated a whole block to it. You can enter the walls and take pictures on all the different pieces created by local artists.

Another one of my favorite things to do in Wynwood is shop. You can find very original little boutiques full of unique fashion and artifacts. One of my go-to stores for great fashion finds is Boho Hunter; It’s a beautiful boutique that showcases high-end Latin American designers and brands. You will surely leave with a bag or two.

Finally, a Wynwood outing is not completed if you don’t end it with drinks at the hippest and my personal favorite: Wood Tavern.

Now, if by the end of day, you didn’t have an absolute blast you can blame me. But I can guarantee you will come back for more!

What are your favorite spots in Miami? Tell us in the comments below!

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