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Our Painting With a Twist Experience - A Fun Alternative to Date Night

Date night usually refers to a romantic setting, with romantically involved people. Speaking from personal experience, I’m always looking for different activities to pursue with Luis – whether it’s the movies with dinner, a new restaurant with a great view, a biking trail, a fun run… searching online for cute, fun ideas for date night is on my monthly to-do lists; but what about the rest of the family?

I had heard of painting classes with wine before and to be honest, booking one has been in the back of my mind for a while. One of my good friends, Gaby, took a class with her boyfriend on a Friday night and said it was a fun alternative to the go-to happy hour but I just never got around to booking a class. Anyway, when Painting with a Twist reached out, I immediately thought “Awesome! This will be a great date night with Luis” but then it hit me: When do we really take the time to spend quality time with our family? I live in the same house with my mom and sister and sometimes I feel like we don’t spend that much time together. So, instead of going to Painting with a Twist with Luis, I took Andre with me ๐Ÿ™‚

Our Painting With a Twist Experience - A Fun Alternative to Date Night

When Andre was younger she took some painting classes and we actually have some of her painting around our home so I’m not surprised she wasn’t nervous about the class. ME on the other hand, had never taken a painting class and anything that has to do with arts & crafts is not my thing; I’m horrible with my hands, with cutting straight, I just don’t have the best “pulse”, but although nervous, I was excited.

Our class was great! The teacher was really helpful and when a certain step was too difficult for any of us, he would help you out, that way, ย none of the paintings from the class came out looking like a mess. I really enjoyed the teachers’ help because although you take a painting class to “learn”, it should be a fun time and it would suck if your painting was so horrible that you would’t want to put it up in your home.Our Painting With a Twist Experience - A Fun Alternative to Date Night

Our Painting With a Twist Experience - A Fun Alternative to Date Night
My first painting sitting by my bedroom window – Belen
Our Painting With a Twist Experience - A Fun Alternative to Date Night
Andre’s painting hanging on her bedroom wall.

Painting with a Twist, has different scheduled classes through-out the day; normally the classes are 2 hours, which I think is enough time to not rush through the painting process while still having fun! The music is loud and the teachers are funny, so you won’t get bored from painting for 2 hours. One thing I didn’t know though, is that you needed to bring your own wine; make sure to pack your wine and some snacks!

Another great thing during Painting with a Twist class are the contests and little games the teachers have you play! I won 2 tickets to a night class that day, so I took my mom for a fun night out with me ๐Ÿ™‚ This time, I did bring a bottle of wine and some snacks.

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, I really suggest you look for a Painting with a Twist close to your home – It’s a 2 hour painting class with music, drinks, snacks and person of choice. Find a Painting with a Twist location here

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