By Belen Baquerizo – Last week, I announced on Instagram that I would be doing a week-long challenge without alcohol and chocolate and at least 2 liters of water a day. I’m not alcoholic but with a week of Hurricane Irma and then a week of birthday and job promotion celebrations, I was feeling NASTY. Within 2 weeks, I can honestly say I drank and ate chocolate every single day and working out wasn’t part of my routine those days… so I needed a DETOX. The plan was to not drink alcohol nor eat chocolate from Monday – Friday because I would be really lying to myself if I said it was going to happen over the weekend.

How I felt after a week without wine or chocolate
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Here’s what happened: 

  • Monday went 100% smooth!
  • Tuesday, my friend called me a little “house-warming party” and so… I indulged in a glass of sangria.
  • Wednesday, 100% smooth, again!
  • Thursday, 100% smooth, AGAIN!
  • Friday, had a long day at work and worked even more on A Hint of Life with Luis until midnight so… we had a few glasses of wine.

Here’s how I felt: 

AMAZING!!! I noticed my energy levels were higher and I felt happier. I know people say this a lot but taking care of my body this past week, made me happy. I woke up early every single day and worked out 4 times through-out the week. I ate well and felt like I was having a good day, everyday.

How I felt after a week without wine or chocolate

This week, I’m challenging myself again. No alcohol, no chocolate and no butter popcorn (I eat this a lot at night!!) until Friday at 7pm.

Join me on Instagram to see what happens!! I’ll be posting everyday a little diary photo.

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