A Hint of Life by Belen Baquerizo

Hi! I’m Belen, the founder of A Hint of Life!

I’m a Miami based fitness and lifestyle blogger with a love for fitness lifestyle made easy. I believe working out can be fun through circuits, full body exercises and having fun outdoors! It’s all about finding what feels good and doing more of it! I love trying new healthy recipes and lifestyle products that enhance my everyday!

With my true and honest tips and recommendations I hope to reshape the influencer world so that more people like you and me can get the right information at our fingertips! That’s what best friends are for and that’s what I’m here for! #fitnessbestie 

I live life by these two quotes: 

  • The best time spent, is the time spent on yourself. 
  • Choose what feels right to you. 

I’m here to support you on your own fitness and lifestyle journey! Always feel free to ask me any questions!

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