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Hi guys! Welcome to my little space on the internet.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about me and feel free to ask any questions!

After years building my corporate career and jumping from one side hustle to the next, I lost sight of who I was, and what I wanted. You see? I was chasing money, rather than fulfillment and it burned me out.

My 29th birthday was the right trigger to push me to a complete stop. Forget the money and the fancy things. Who do I want to be? What do I actually like doing? How do I actually have fun? Do I even have fun?

These questions tormented me and so I went on a journey to freedom. Freedom to find myself again. Or better yet… Freedom to create myself. Pick the pieces I like, and leave behind what no longer serves me. Freedom to live out my passions. Freedom to feel light, and well, and joyful, and excited about life. Excited EVERYDAY not just on a special occasion. You feel me?

Italy. Italian. Italian culture has always been a big love of mine. Somehow along the way, I got lost in theĀ  hustle of making money and quitting my job (like everyone else on instagram) that I forgot what brought me joy. The dream would be to move to Italy and work remotely but since we can’t do that just yet… I’ll be immersing myself in that “Dolce Far Niente” lifestyle and documenting every step of the way! Thank you technology.

Allowing myself to make this decision has taken lots of inner work which I’ve been sharing on my instagram, but for the first time IN A LONG TIME, I’m feeling SUPER excited about this little space on the internet again.

Nothing to lose, just opportunity to rise.

If nothing else, I hope my journey and tips I share inspire you to take action to live out your passions. Fulfillment first, money second.

Ciao bella!

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