Hi! Hello! For those of you who don’t know, I’m Andre – Belen’s sister and every month I share with you a life and tips update! ok… How was everyone’s Winter Break (if you had one)? It’s been a sorta lazy, getting back on track kind of month for me. Here’s a picture of what the past month has looked/felt like for me:

Over Winter Break, my family and I went to Punta Cana for New Year’s, getting ready to fly to Colorado for our annual family skiing trip and celebrate my brothers birthday (yay!), and I have just started classes which I already can’t wait for them to be over. Other than that, nothing really interesting has occurred in my life in the past month, however, I’m finally trying to control my anxiety and stress.

One thing that has recently happened, though, is that I have started to incorporate eggs into my diet. As some of you may know, I went vegan a little over three years ago, but have started to eat tuna, and then stopped (somewhat). I think this is sign from my body telling me that I need to eat more protein and that I’m probably deficient in something. With me doing so much exercise and pushing my body way more than I ever have, I need to replenish it with nutritious value. Yes, I still do feel guilty eating eggs, but it’s what it’s best for my body right now and I have to listen to what it is telling me.

I think this is a lesson that I’m just starting to understand; to not go from being a carnivore to full-on vegan overnight. Take it step by step. Learn everything you need to know about the diet or the lifestyle that you’re about to embark on, and then slowly dive into it. If you’re exercising vigorously make sure that you’re eating healthy and the right way; listen carefully to your body and what it is trying to tell you. 

What are some key things that have happened in your life in the past month? What has it made you realize/do? Leave your comments below! 🙂


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