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There comes a time when we feel like the world has brought us down to our knees. For some of us this time might be one moment, but for others, it can grow to a whole period of self-pity and even depression. Not being able to get out of bed because you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin can be a severe mental health issue which can become a series of unfortunate introspections. It is important to know that feeling comfortable in your own skin is not a privilege, but a necessity for our mental health. Fortunately, there are always ways we can improve our self-image.

Spend time with positive people

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is not a privilege; it's necessary for mental health! Here are five ways to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people can sometimes be therapeutic on its own. If you arefeeling down, searching for company in people who are happy might look like the worst idea. But if we try it at least once, we will see the remarkable results in our energy uplift! If this doesn’t sound convincing, try looking at it in another way. No one likes to feel bad, right? So, if you are in a crowd of happy people, chances are you will want to be happy as well. Emotions are contagious, and to improve your mood fast and be more comfortable in your own skin, spending time with positive people might be the best solution.

Get out of your comfort zone

Paradoxically, if you wish to feel more comfortable in your skin, you should try jumping out of it. The comfort zone is a very nice place, but it’s a place where nothing grows. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, doesn’t only mean being satisfied with how things are, but being confident in trying new things, too. This doesn’t mean you should take on bungee jumping immediately but start off with little things. Let’s stop stalking that guy on Instagram and send him a message. Let’s wear that old dress we haven’t worn in years just because we think we don’t look good in it anymore. Let’s change our hairstyle. Go camping. The opportunities are endless.

Be who you really want to be

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is not a privilege; it's necessary for mental health! Here are five ways to be more comfortable in your own skin.

It’s easy to get lost in a series of roles we play throughout the day. With being a hard-working woman, a dedicated mother, a thoughtful daughter, a loving wife and much more, we can get confused about who we are and who we want to be. Consequently, we choose to be defined by these roles because it’s easier to just go along with them than to think about who we are. This is a mistake, and we all know it. Before thinking about everyone’s needs and solving everyone’s issues, let’s worry about ourselves. So, if you are over 50 years old and feel like buying a pair of boyfriend jeans – do it. If you are a few pounds overweight and feel like wearing a tight dress – do it. If you want to spend a whole day alone by the river reading a book– do it. There is no better way to be more comfortable in your own skin than by letting yourself just be – you.

Avoid judgmental people

Everyone has an opinion. Some negative opinions will most definitely be related to you. Some people who have this opinion won’t be afraid to share it. There is always going to be such people. Passing judgment is not an issue that should ever concern you. If you are not ice cream or pizza, you can’t possibly please everyone, and you shouldn’t. Don’t waste your energy on making people who don’t like you happy, because they will always find another reason not to like you. Focus on the important people in your life who you care about most and put an effort into keeping them around. One best friend is always better than ten good ones, and remember when people judge you, they are projecting their own fears on to you.

Embrace change

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is not a privilege; it's necessary for mental health! Here are five ways to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Change is normal and needed if we want to improve and feel good about ourselves, although it’s never easy. Even when its positive, change includes a shocking experience of moving from a bad place to a better one. If you are not ready for a change, then look in the mirror and try searching for what you like about yourself, not only for flaws. Say those good things out loud. Say you are beautiful, strong, fun, brave and capable. Even if you don’t really believe them just yet, the more you say these things the closer they get to becoming true and the more comfortable in your own skin you will feel.

Being comfortable in your own skin is all about: Think, Feel Act. How would you feel is what you wanted was already yours? Think about it, feel it, act like it.

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