My Bedtime Routine for Great Beauty Sleep

Sleeping has always been one of my favorite things to do, although lately I haven’t seen much of it. With long work hours, a side business, family and friends, getting a full 8 hours of sleep hasn’t been a priority. What has been a priority though, is creating and maintaining a good and effective bedtime beauty routine, which consists of lots of PAMPERING!! Establishing a bedtime beauty routine has helped my skin not get so irritated and to be honest, it has also helped me emotionally  – as weird and “high maintenance” as that sounds.

I’ve heard a million times that we should disconnect from computer, tv and phone at least 1 hour before going to bed and although I haven’t achieved that level of time management and maturity, I have to say finding the point in which I say “enough for today” and head to the bathroom for my bedtime routine has helped me with getting a better night sleep. Here’s a look into my bedtime routine – hope this inspires you to create your own!

My Bedtime Routine for Great Beauty Sleep

Products I use: La Roche Posay Face WashCeraVe Face LotionKopari Coconut MeltCaudalie Anti-Wrinkle CreamKopari Lip BalmFragonard Perfume, Bath & Body Works Hand Cream.

  • Start off with washing my face with La Roche Posay Face Wash – It’s nice and light for the skin.
  • Move on to Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle Cream and apply to my entire face specially around the ideas and my mouth (I get the smile wrinkles)
  • While I wait for the face lotions to set, I apply Kopari Coconut Melt to my body. I LOVE this product!! it smells delicious and although you are applying oil to your skin, it absorbs really fast so you are not left with sticky skin at night.
  • Then, I apply the CeraVe Face Lotion to face and neck
  • Wash my mouth and apply the Kopari Lip Balm to keep my lips hydrated
  • Finish off with a thick Hand Cream from Bath & Body Works and apply a bit of fresh perfume. Love the one I linked above from Fragonard – its fresh and not too strong.

My Bedtime Routine for Great Beauty Sleep I know it seems weird to apply perfume when I’m going to bed, but the smell of this perfume is perfect to settle into some zzz. Then, I head to my comfy bed and watch a little of tv; sometimes its Netflix and doze off until the next morning. If you already have a great bedtime beauty routine and still can’t get a good night sleep, chances are you need a new mattress. I recently found Leesa, which is an online only mattress store and the reviews I have seen are awesome! Lessa developed the Universal Adaptive Feelâ„¢ – a method that adapts to all body shapes and sizes and all sleeping styles. If you want to try Leesa out, check them out and get $100 your first order! 

When life gets crazy, we tend to put ourselves last with more junk food, less gym, more alcohol and waaay more sleep deprivation; I noticed that with my daily bedtime routine, I feel more “well-taken care of” and not like all I’m doing is working my life away. At night, I can’t wait for those 15 minutes before jumping into bed that I have for myself – in which I can play some relaxing music, bathe myself with lotions and oils and just…be.

What’s your bedtime beauty routine like? Let me know below!

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