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Ever since I was little, I have had a great role model… my dad. He has never settled and always went on to pursue bigger and better things; it is because of his effort that I have had the beyond privileged life I’ve had. It is because of my dad that I have learned the effort, integrity, perseverance and total satisfaction that brings owning your own business. It is also because of my dad (although he might not know this) that failure in business is not failure in life. Life throws you rocks because you are strong enough to survive them; whatever happens, get up again and try your hardest to succeed. Succeed doesn’t mean money, success means to love, enjoy and be proud of your work.

Today, I want to give you some career advice, because all the lessons I have had at what I believe is a young age, has led me to act differently. To me, a job will never be just a job. I felt this when I worked a supervisor at a clothing store, I felt it again when I was an assistant manager at a store and I feel it again as an account manager at a marketing agency. For me, it’s not a 9-6; my job is my career and although not my company… I work as one (or at least, try to). When I was in school, my fashion teacher always said “Dress for the job you want to have, not the one you have.” And that has stuck with me.

career advice for young professional women

So, where am I going with this? I think it’s a waste of time and life to think of a job as just a job to pay your bills. If you are spending 40 hours in a place, enjoy them. Although some things might be frustrating (most commonly known as pay & work load), why not invest your time and knowledge to make everything better? My point with this is to make an effort to make your “job” your career. How satisfying would it be to see a company grow because of your effort? If you are really not the type of person to want to stay in a company for a long time, imagine what your resume can say about you if you stick it out and turn your company around?

My point is: a job is short-term, a career is your life story.

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