A Hint of Life career girl advice on resumes

Career girl talk.

You want to land your dream job, you need the money, or you don’t… but need to keep busy; whatever your reason is to be looking for a job, please pay attention to the following advice:
“It is VERY hard to change a first impression”

Below, I’m going to list some steps to take into consideration when applying to a job that will show your next bosses you are a trusted career girl:

  1. Are you a jumper? Meaning, do you last less than 1 year on each job? If so, please stick to the job you have now because if your LinkedIn shows a million jobs where you have been 5,8, 10 months, it’s a red flag. We want to hire someone responsible, someone with a track record, someone the company can trust.
  2. Send a well-written email: I’m so picky about emails! It shows your professionalism and your organizational skills. Please, please, please, if you are writing an email, use the space bar, use the enter key, use commas and so on. Do not write a 30-line paragraph… you are wasting your time.
  3. Follow-up: ok, you sent in an application and waiting for a reply back. Please follow-up. One week later after you sent the e-mail/application, send a follow-up email and persuade them to give you a chance for a meeting. If there’s no answer, call! Show people you are interested and wanting to work
  4. Dress appropriately: Dress for the job you want to have. I don’t know if this is so engraved in my head because I went to school for Fashion Management but it’s incredibly true. Do not be slutty, be professional, elegant and do not over-do your make-up. To be a career girl, you must take care of your presentation and posture.
  5. Write a thank you note: There’s some people that like hand-written notes but, sometimes they might get lost in the mail or they take too long to arrive. So, please send an email. I always did it the night after the interview because you are still fresh in their minds and they will remember you more because you had the initiative to talk to them.

Finding a job is tough, I know, but keep in mind every business is a people business. Maybe you won’t be selling but you always have to sell yourself. Make yourself presentable, likeable and they will remember you but please, I ask you… do not oversell yourself, always be you and you will be the best career girl 🙂

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