A Hint of Life shares 5 things successful career girls do every day

Monday morning! Hope your weekend was great and that you are ready to put those working pants back on for a week full of success! Take a look at my weekend adventures, here.

Today I want to share with you 5 things successful business people do in their daily lives. Sometimes, we think that if we work harder and longer hours, we will be more successful because we are getting MORE THINGS DONE but the truth is, our minds are tired. This is why planning out our days and lives is SO important. Join A Hint of Life here and receive 2 worksheets to help you better plan your days.

Although we might love what we do and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work; work is work and your personal life should not be affected by it. Sure, we might work some hours on the weekend but the idea is to have a clear understanding of when work stops and life begins. See here the 5 things you should do everyday for a more successful career (& life!):A Hint of Life shares 5 things successful career girls do every day

1.Set a routine: This can refer to a morning routine but in this case, it should be a “work-routine”. Whether you are the company owner or an employee, there are many tasks to be completed every week. Create a schedule and follow it. For example, at my office we are implementing the routine below and it’s great for productivity because now everyone knows that a client meeting shouldn’t be on a Monday for example and everyone in the office works more cohesively which is what we want to have in order to achieve business goals!

  1. Mondays: Internal Meetings
  2. Tuesdays: Strategy Day
  3. Wednesday – Friday: Business Relationships

2.Exercise & meditate: I think this one is known worldwide but it’s SO IMPORTANT! Working out will liberate your mind and of course your health will also be great. Like I mentioned above, sometimes we want to work longer hours because that must mean we are getting more things done but really? If you work 15 hours a day and literally never stop, you. will. collapse. Taking care of yourself comes first.

  • Meditation is something I still have to try but, waking up early every morning before anyone else in your house is up works as well. Tranquility and that empty space will help you come up with new ideas, think and simply be calm before the rush day starts.

3.Quality time: Make time for your family and loved ones. After working a long a day, there’s nothing better than coming home and watching some tv with your family.

4.Decrease meetings: Ladies! If you can say the same thing you want to say in a meeting with a client with a phone call or an email… do so!! Keep track of aaall the time you take to go from meeting to meeting and you’ll see that there’s time to be saved! This extra time will serve you to finish projects on time :).

5.Manage e-mails: Determine a process that works for you. I once read that a successful business woman checks her email once a day. If something is extremely important, they will call. I think this approach can be good depending on your industry. For me, in the marketing industry… I try to check the email per hour. The first 10 minutes of every hour I check if there’s something and act upon it.

What do you think? Hope you put these 5 tips to work this week and let me know how it goes 🙂 

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