Fitness On The Go: How I stick to my workout routine while I travel

If you’re like me and have a job that requires you to travel, you know how difficult it can be to stick to your workout routine. And if you are traveling for pleasure, it’s even harder to get your sweat on.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there will always be lots of excuses to … Continue Reading

3 Health Benefits of Walking On The Beach; Why Is It Good?

Hi bestie! Welcome back to A Hint of Life! Last year I went to the Dominican Republic  for the holidays and it helped me change my perspective on having an active lifestyle. I never thought about walking on the beach as a workout option but after a week on the beach, things changed!  *Disclaimer* This post … Continue Reading

3 Suggestions for Reducing Chronic Aches and Pains (Other than Yoga)

Hi!! Welcome back to my blog! Today we’ll be talking about 3 things I have done in the past to reduce chronic aches and pains. Over time these 3 things have become part of my healthier lifestyle routine. Hope I can inspire you to add them into your life. ENJOY :)!   It’s just one of … Continue Reading

How To Get Motivated To Workout: 5 Easy Ways To Make it Easier

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post will be all about how to get motivated to workout. I know working out and exercising can be tough and it’s even harder to stay motivated when you don’t really notice any immediate results from your hard work. Here are 5 things I focus on to … Continue Reading

No Excuses Workout: 5 Tricks to Making Working Out A Breeze!

Do you find yourself wanting to work out and improve your fitness but often feel like you make excuses not to? Been there! Everyone can make excuses from time to time, life is all about balance but! if you really want to make a change then you have to hold yourself accountable and get in … Continue Reading

Benefits of Running: 5 Ways Running Improves Your Health

There are dozens upon dozens of medical studies that all confirm the same – exercising is plain good for your health. It helps your heart stay in shape and young, it elevates your levels of energy, enhances your mood and so much more. Now, there are plenty of ways for one to get a good … Continue Reading

Maintaining Your Health in 2019 and Beyond with These 7 Tips

As we end the year and say hello to 2019, the Christmas feasting will probably take a knock to that healthy diet you may…or may not have had. But as we turn over a new leaf, this new year might be the chance for you finally get onto that health kick bandwagon. So here are … Continue Reading

My Fitness Journey

For the majority of my life, I considered myself an athlete. Having played volleyball since I was 7, intense workouts was the norm. Training 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week, my body hit a wall and I was making my way into college volleyball, I hurt my back with a herniated disc. That … Continue Reading

My Active Workout Essential

Don’t you hate when you see marks on your clothing from your deodorant? Whether it’s white stains on dark clothes or yellow stains on your white clothes, we’ve all been there. And no one is judging. Luckily, I have just found the right deodorant to keep our clothes free of stains and our armpits smelling … Continue Reading

Michelob ULTRA Makes it Easy to be Fit AND Fun

We count calories, we workout to the point of exhaustion but we forget to have fun and live a little. Don’t we? Are you ready to be fit AND fun?Thank goodness for Michelob ULTRA.  I’ve said it here, here and here so tonight, I’m just here to say it again. Michelob ULTRA really has it … Continue Reading