How to Spring Cleanse Your Mind and Body

Some of us are just experiencing those long awaited first rays of spring and although we crave sun and energy, it takes a minute to get there. A lot of us can still feel drowsy, low on energy and like we need a fresh start. This is why spring cleanse was invented. During winter, our … Continue Reading

Time Change Messing Up My Workout Schedule

So, I’ve been having a really hard time with the time change this year. I love that the days seems longer at night but with the sunrise being so late into the morning, it’s SO hard for me to get up early to workout. As you know I’ve been doing the BBG workout from Kayla … Continue Reading

Staying fit and fun is possible with this brand

Staying Fit The beer company that helps us staying fit and fun. If you’ve been following me for a while here on A Hint of Life, you know I’m really into fitness (I workout 6 days a week) but you also know I LOVE to do things some people might think of as “bad” or … Continue Reading

A Healthy & Easy Cheesecake Recipe

Hii! I want to let you in a little secret of mine… I’m NOT a great cook. I left this talent for my sister (Andrea) and my boyfriend (Luis); in fact, most of the time (and I say this because there is the occasional night where I do the cooking) when you see my insta … Continue Reading

7 Truths Learned from Aerie Real Talk

Hi! Hope you had a great Monday at work and are now at the comfort of you home, relaxing reading A Hint of Life! This past weekend, I went to the Create & Cultivate pop-up at the new Aerie store in Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. I have been to 3 of Create & Cultivate’s conferences … Continue Reading

Slow Down for the Holidays with Salemville

Happy Friday!! How was your week? With the Holidays, I feel like everyone’s schedule gets way more hectic than it should. Running around to get presents, going to this and that holiday party, secret santa brunch. Let’s just take a second to think about “Why SO many plans?” sure, we want to spend time with … Continue Reading

Does Aromatherapy Work?

By: Andrea Baquerizo Hi guys! If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, I got a little trick for ya! I know from personal experience how stress and anxiety can make you feel… In my case, I get really anxious and stressed out when things/situations in the everyday seem to be getting out of control … Continue Reading

How Crossfit is Changing The Way I Look at Myself

As you guys know, I’ve been going to CrossFit for about two months now and I have loved every second of it. When I first walked into that gym, I was intimidated and scared that I wasn’t going to be as good as the other people in that gym that have been doing CrossFit for … Continue Reading

Baking Happiness with Bakerly

When you think of bread, do you think of? How nice is it to have a Miami based company, producing and selling bread that tastes just as the bread you eat during your European trips?!! I was SO surprised when Bakerly sent over a variety of their crêpes, brioches, and baguettes and the taste was … Continue Reading

Add Fizz To Your Holiday Party!

Ok I just realized the Holidays are around the corner! Working from home is awesome but I don’t really get to see outside that much and was surprised yesterday when I saw Christmas trees all over Miami. With Thanksgiving next week I was really excited to try something new. We always have dinner at home … Continue Reading