Helping Others to Adopt a Healthier Mindset after Addiction

You are lucky if you have never experienced any sort of serious addiction in your lifetime – I know, I’ve been lucky. Over the years, I’ve realized that it is a growing problem among the population and it is even present among people I personally know so, I’m sure you’ve also come across similar situations … Continue Reading

6 Actions To Take Today For Better Skin!

Who doesn’t want radiant, glowing, dewy skin? The good news is that it is possible to achieve; the not so good news, is that most of us will have to do some work to get it. This is because our skin is actually an organ of the body, and as such it will, as a … Continue Reading

What Can You Do To Boost Your Health? Try These 5 Tips!

Being healthy is something that so many of us want. But it can be hard to achieve when we’re stuck in the rhythm of life. A lot of times, we may find that it’s really hard to break the chain. To stop what we’re doing on autopilot, and start living our most intentional life. But … Continue Reading

U by Kotex donates 5 million period products; tampons and pads for all!

Last month, I had the opportunity to serve my community with packing 700 bags with period products for women in schools less fortunate. It was an incredible experience! It felt sooo good to help others in need, specially with a subject that, to be completely honest, I was very naive about. I’m thankful that U … Continue Reading

What it was like to pack 700 bags of feminine products!

Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer at a “The Beauty Initiative and W.E. Matter” event hosted at South Plantation High School to put together 700 bags of feminine products for schools that are in need of period supplies in South Florida! These girls that stayed after school to pack feminine products impressed and surprised … Continue Reading

What if today your life changed?

What if today your life changed? What if today you acted? What if today you got un-scared? What if today you did something that made you uncomfortable? What if today you made a decision to start something you haven’t done yet? To keep that promise you’ve made to yourself to become better? to do better? … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Become a Woman Comfortable in Your Own Skin

There comes a time when we feel like the world has brought us down to our knees. For some of us this time might be one moment, but for others, it can grow to a whole period of self-pity and even depression. Not being able to get out of bed because you don’t feel comfortable … Continue Reading

My fall night routine with chamomile tea

My days revolve around the computer, instagram and to be completely honest…coffee. But, there comes a time in the day in which you need a little something more than water and coffee simply would be a terrible idea at 7pm. So, what do I resort to? Tea, specially during fall. I’m not a tea fanatic … Continue Reading

5 Tips to Overcome Self Doubt

Self doubt: lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. Self Doubt is a killer of goals and dreams. I hear it all the time from friends and people I encounter that they want to do this or that but don’t. Why? They don’t feel they have what it takes to follow their calling. What I … Continue Reading

Healthy Snacks to Buy

Healthy Snacks to Buy with Pearls Olives Eating healthy has always been a struggle for me. As I shared in my fitness journey post (read here), when I used to play volleyball, I trained so hard, the “cheat meals” I had (constantly!) didn’t really show on my body. But, it’s been a while since those … Continue Reading