Hi there! I hope you enjoyed your free day off today. I’ve been up and about since 7am trying to get some things done as I’m traveling for work tomorrow. It’s 7:30pm now and thought it was the right time to write something up for you. During the weekends, I catch up with books, articles, … Continue Reading

The world keeps telling us to work hard. Every instagram post we see on entrepreneurship or career development revolves around working long hours, being busy, not sleeping, grinding, drinking coffee so much so that it’s become a “cool” thing to being super busy and not having time off. Do we agree?Today, I’m here to tell … Continue Reading

A year ago today, I made a bold move, I took a leap of faith and here’s how it went. I was working a good job in terms of what society thinks of as a “good job”. Worked in Brickell (for those of you who are not from Miami, Brickell is like working in New … Continue Reading

Hi! Happy Monday 🙂 I’m excited to share this post from Elarie Consulting because it’s a common struggle for everyone out there trying to get a job. Looking for a job is pretty stressful but preparing for an interview??? nerve-racking! There are soo many questions you might get asked and what if you don’t have … Continue Reading

  The other day, one of my friends texted me asking me to write a blog post about how to continue working after a full-day of work. My friend (Maddie) wants to start a business but needs to keep her full-time job so she needs advice on how to work on her side business when … Continue Reading

Land a job Elarie Consulting is back this month with some tips for job searching and land a job as a recent college grad. Take notes! Ask anyone that has interacted with college students and they may tell you a common sentiment is, “I just can’t wait until graduation!” However, with an economy full of … Continue Reading

Life Motivation Life motivation to make sure you make your days count. I was in Atlanta, writing this blog post when I came across this quote and knew I needed to share it and tell you a little back story on it. When I was in college, I met a very special person that lived … Continue Reading

Entrepreneurship Dreams Why do people quit on their entrepreneurship dreams? Let’s talk about it. Plain and simple, LACK OF DRIVE. This might be tough for some to digest and might find it a bit offensive but I’m just trying to help. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. In the beginning everything is exciting, fun and … Continue Reading

Doubt & Dreams Some tips to help you shut off the doubt in your dreams:Sharing a piece of motivation that will help you pull through any difficult times you have during the work-week or life, to be honest. + If you are doubting yourself today but have a dream burning inside of you, talk yourself … Continue Reading

The monthly post from Elarie Consulting comes at a great time as I was just talking about two things you need to know when interviewing someone for a job – this time around, let’s say you are the one heading in for an interview and Elarie Consulting has got you covered. When you’re gearing up … Continue Reading

It’s December 28th and you are probably NOT thinking about your career or the job you are going to land but I think you should be thinking about those things, right now. I believe we make our own luck and planning is the first step towards improving anything in life (see here) so get your planning … Continue Reading

Ok so here’s a truth: I didn’t want to share this story because I thought you’d think it was a little ridiculous but on my car ride home from a Holiday dinner with co-workers I realized I wasn’t really helping anyone if I didn’t share; right??  Maybe you are going through something similar and we … Continue Reading

The ladies from Elarie Consulting are back with some goodness of knowledge about cover letters. Yes, we ALL hate them but they WILL make a difference in your career. Read below for 6 tips to put to practice this weekend when browsing for new opportunities!  Ah, the dreaded cover letter! It’s incredibly difficult to sit … Continue Reading

A warm hello to all of the readers over here at A Hint of Life! Kayla and Rachele here from Elarie Consulting in Detroit, MI. As a full service career consulting operation, we’re in the business of helping career focused individuals on pursuing every avenue of their dreams. How exactly do we manage all of … Continue Reading

Last week, I was at a company meeting and they had us do a workshop about storytelling; one of the exercises was to find out the “truths” of your audience. “Truths” are thoughts or ideas your audience has that they believe to be true but are not necessarily so. In this case, my “truth” is … Continue Reading

Hi there!! Happy Monday  🙂 I’ve never really been a big Halloween person but I know many of you are so I thought I should share some knowledge on how to survive a hangover at work. Although Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, I’m sure some of you will make a trip down to … Continue Reading

  Hi guys! as I mentioned last week on our instagram, there hasn’t been any content here on the blog because we are trying to re-focus our intention with the site. To start off, I wanted to tell you the story of why I created A Hint of Life. Things are about to get a … Continue Reading

Over the past few months I haven’t been reading as much as I should, heck, I still have at least 2 (I think) on my bookshelf that I haven’t finished reading that I started this year. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy more books (oops!). But if I step into a bookstore, … Continue Reading

On the second installation of Interviews on A Hint of Life I’m bringing to you the sweet, happy, and energetic Gaby Guzman! Founder of The Jupiter Circle, a marketing and branding consulting agency in Miami which focuses on helping women find their voice and strategize how to portray themselves to build their businesses! I had … Continue Reading

Wearing: Jeans (Here, Here) – Top (Here, Here) – Shoes (Here) – Bag (Here, Here) – Lips (Zip) I found the book #Girlboss two years after it was published, just a couple of month’s before Sophia Amoruso’s super business went bankrupt. Read the book in about one day, listened and watched to probably almost every interview … Continue Reading