The weather is changing! In Miami we are having low 70’s and even reaching the 60’s yay!! When it comes to Christmas, New Years or any holiday really, I’m not the most planned out person in the world. I buy Christmas presents for my family the weekend before and although they are always happy with my presents, I’m never really satisfied. I always have the feeling that I could have given more; not in $$$ but in thought; since I buy everything last minute, a well thought-out budget is non-existent, a list of options is not even on my mind so I just grab whatever looks like a good idea and then I’m left with a feeling that my gifts were not “personal” enough.

This year though, as I’m growing older, I have taken a few ques from my friends and family and although a list doesn’t exist yet, at least I have a better idea of what I want to buy and the amount of money I have to spend. One thing I’m very strong about is not spending more than I have so I have started saving every month on my checking account. I calculated a budget for myself and included a couple hundred dollars that I would not spend and would not put on my saving account either so that if at any moment, I wanted that purse or I would want to go on a trip, I wouldn’t have to use my credit card and then figure out how to pay it… I hate the feeling of constantly having to look at your credit card and figure out what you are going to cut this month to make the payment… no, no, no. So, this end-of-month money adds up after a few months and that’s how I will buy my friends and family Christmas gifts! STRESS – FREE!

Christmas and Holiday prep. Christmas cards paperless

So, aside from giving gifts, I like to be a little emotional and give out Christmas cards but not your typical cards that say “best wishes”; I like to write them out with┬ásomething personal, something cute. Normally, I use those cute stationary cards but this year, I might go with something a little more tech. I like how you can incorporate your pictures onto these Holiday cards and also be able to write your message so it’s s totally personal card.

The Holidays seem like they are far away but really, we are almost one month away and time goes by sooo fast! Be careful with your after-work drinks this month and save up for some cute, personal gifts for your loved ones ­čÖé

Are you into writing personal cards? Why?


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