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Clean Eating

Sometimes coffee can be a little overrated. I drink coffee on daily basis because I’m used to it. I like waking up and having a cup of coffee. I like reading my emails or a book with a warm cup of coffee in my hand but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it keeps me awake with lots of energy! In fact, I can drink a cup of coffee at 9pm and be asleep by 11pm… Of course, this probably happens to me because I’m so used to coffee but for someone that barely drinks it, the caffeine effects can be much greater.

Anyway, caffeine is one thing and energy is another. Today, I want to talk about energy because between work life and personal life, if we keep running on coffee, we will not be healthy. I have found that the answer to living life with energy is, clean eating. There’s nothing worse than getting to the office with a huge cup of coffee and ZERO energy to get things done. When there’s no energy, there’s no motivation. So, how can we obtain energy?? Well, ladies! it’s all in a clean eating lifestyle. A Hint of Life clean eating lifestyle

During the past weeks, I made a decision to make a change in my diet for the better. It doesn’t mean that I don’t eat and it doesn’t mean “I’m on a diet”; it simply means, I’m updating my lifestyle. With the right proportions of carbs, veggies and protein my cravings have reduced and my energy has increased. To have energy, you have to rest and I have found that in the last couple of weeks, resting has become easier. Because of the portions of food I’m eating, I don’t feel bloated or like I’m going to explode. I eat enough so that I don’t feel like taking a nap right after and I truly believe this new “clean eating” lifestyle has helped me get better rest at night.

I’m not a nutritionist but, I’m going to write down below how I’m doing my diet and hope you find some inspiration and strength to get into this journey. Of course it is not easy, but sacrifice 2 weeks and you will notice the difference:


Carbs: 2 oz

Protein: 4 oz

Lunch & Dinner:

Carbs: 2 oz – 4oz

Protein: 4 oz – 6oz

Veggies: Unlimited

Snacks are very important!! Make sure to snack on protein shakes (with water) or vegetables.

And that’s it! I normally meal prep on Sundays so that during the week I’m free and can eat whenever I’m hungry; this also helps with taking a bite out of everything you see! Make sure to follow my daily updates on this healthy lifestyle on instagram, facebook or snapchat: belenbaquerizo

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