By Andrea & Belen Baquerizo

How do you turn your day around when having a bad day? Enjoy your coffee break with A Hint of Life

When you have a bad day, all you want to do is hide under the covers, not talk to anyone, think of all the things that have gone bad that day, or go to sleep by 8 pm. I know how that’s like. I know what it’s like because I’ve been there way too many times, more times that I want to admit, I’m pretty darn sure almost everyone on this planet has had a bad day.

Belen: I didn’t have a good day yesterday. Nothing really went wrong, everything was fine but, emotionally… I wasn’t there. There are many things I wish I was strong enough to share with you guys but they seem a little too personal (I hope in the future, I’ll be able to share more) and so, I can say that my heart is a bit torn to pieces, I’m very worried and I wish some things could change. All day, I was working from home with my mind going in different directions until I decided: My day will be as good as I make it. Changed into workout clothes and headed to the gym for an hour workout session. Came back, took a shower and had a delicious healthy meal. My mood changed, I felt “lighter” and could continue to work for a few more hours.

So, in this case my trick was to realize I wasn’t having the best day and it was because of emotional circumstances. Then, heading to the gym to release stress and finally having a great meal. Sometimes when we are stressed we tend to go towards junk food, staying in bed all day and so on; while I’m very guilty of doing that… it really doesn’t turn your day around. Try having a positive attitude and forcing yourself to do things you know will make you feel better afterwards.



The one thing that you should do, that I do when I wake up, is look outside my window, and think of all the good things that I have in my life and tell myself, “Today is a good day to have a good day.” I know, it might sound a bit cliche, but it’s what works for me. Now, when not everything goes as planned throughout the day, that’s a wholeeee ‘nother story.

When things go downhill throughout the day, let’s just say that my anxiety goes up the roof, I feel the need to start crying, I tense up and don’t know what to do. It’s just how my body reacts and most of the times I let these things affect me and take over up to the point where I just give up. However, lately I have been trying to not let these things take over, but it just hasn’t been working as planned.

One of the main things I do when all of this is happening is I start drinking water with my eyes closed (sounds weird, I know) with deep breathes. I also always have a hair tie on my wrist so I just start twirling it. I start thinking of all the good things have happened, that everything bad happened for a reason, and that it’s in the past, nothing I do now can change it. And, being a gym junkie, working out is my stress reliever, so that’s one of the main things I do as soon as I get home from a bad day.

So, go get your 6 dollar coffee, or tea (whichever floats your boat), go workout till you forget at what time you got to the gym, go to a super expensive spa, spend the day eating your favorite ice cream watching Sixteen Candles, and sing your heart out to favorite Taylor Swift song, but don’t ever forget:

You should never let a bad day define you. A bad day is only 24 hours, not the rest of your life.

“The past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it”- Alan Moore


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