A Hint of Life shares tips on how to deal with unfriendly competition at work

They say competition at work is good and I agree. Competition in the work environment is good motivation; as humans we are triggered to want to do good, to be better. I firmly believe that people are born good but of course, I’m 100% sure there are bad people in this world too and this happens but a variety of reasons but, this subject I’ll leave for another day. Today, I have teamed up with Lia from A Girl in Her 30’s once again to bring you some tips about how to deal with unfriendly competition at work. See our previous career girl collaboration, here. 

Feeling challenged at work is also great as this is the moment in which you grow. Challenging moments, help you become stronger and also wiser. Although competition and challenges at work sound AMAZING, there are some issues as well. Unfriendly competition is recipe for disaster, both professionally and personally. When you feel there is a certain someone at the office that doesn’t have the best intentions with you, you are probably right and realizing this is not a good feeling. We start getting these feelings of irritation, anxiety, or inadequacy. You feel down, and start believing YOU are not capable of achieving great things, of creating an amazing project, of getting promoted. This little person has gotten into your mind and she/he is winning. When people are highly competitive with you in the wrong way, they often feel threatened by you; in their minds, you are completely capable of doing or outdoing their jobs and this is why they try to manipulate you to think otherwise.A Hint of Life shares tips on how to deal with unfriendly competition at work

How do we deal with this? How do we deal with these kind of people that don’t realize that working together, working as team, greater things can be accomplished? How can you deal with people that  think that individualizing everyone at work, putting others down and ignoring talent, is right?

  • Set the example – Remember that saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world”? … Get to work! No matter how unfriendly someone is at work, be the bigger person. Lead by example, organize weekly group meetings, recognize your co-workers achievements, inspire trust.
  • Watch your back – Be good but don’t be foolish. Keep track of all your work and use passwords to protect your computer and other office assets.
    • Unfriendly people of work tend to want to take credit for something YOU have accomplished; by keeping track of your work with emails and/or notes, you can make sure your boss knows the truth.
    • At end of year reviews, make sure you have proof for all the things you have accomplished and also keep proof of the “unfriendly competition” you have been dealing with. Chances are your boss will do something to create a better atmosphere at the office.
  • Do not try to befriend that person – Sometimes, when we feel like we don’t belong or we feel neglected by someone, we try to make friends with them. “Maybe they’ll be nicer to me” NO. I don’t agree with this because when someone has bad intentions with you, they will not disappear from one day to the next. This type of person may act friendly to get information out of you, so keep your guard up and minimize contact with them.

Have you had these troubles at work? Try these tips and you will feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders! – Belen

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