A conference designed for women entrepreneurs that haven’t found the right voice to speak to them. Unfortunately, (although changing), we live in a world that is mostly governed by men so when a girl has an idea, it is often transformed to fit through men’s eyes. Why? Instead of cultivating the women’s idea, it is put through this so-called funnel that makes everything look and sound the same just because, it’s supposed to “work”. Well, Create & Cultivate and me along with 600 other women that attended this conference, are here to tell you men are wrong.

I don’t mean to sound like a rebel but the truth is, women have a super power of seeing things differently and it is changing the way we do business, the way we do marketing, the way we connect with humans in the work space. I will be the happiest person in the world when we leave the butt-kissing formality out the door; I’m sorry, but we need honest, kind and to the point people in business. Women are changing the way brands connect with consumers; everything is much more human now, although digitized but it feels good and I hope this change only becomes bigger and bigger.

create and cultivate a business and blogger conference for women entrepreneurs

The conference was a 12-hour day of complete nourishment and inspiration but the most recognizable touch points were to be kind, to know your stuff, to stop being sensitive towards men whom you think are trying to put you down (most of the time, it’s in our heads), to own it and to give opportunity, the god damn opportunity! A lot of times we are stuck with one idea that we are so in love with, we can’t see anything outside of it; if you are frustrated and feeling like you are failing, step back and look around you… maybe there’s something else you are meant to be doing. Most of successful businesses are born out of a flop! You think you are doing something for fun, to distract yourself and then out of nothing, it becomes something.

Lastly, do not give something five minutes or your life if you are not willing to give it 5 years. Remember that the world of business and entrepreneurship is a tough world. A lot of people will not understand or relate to you simply because their mind is not triggered by yours. You will fail, fail and fail again until you make it but make sure that you are passionate about it. On average a business takes 3-5 years to be profitable; be completely sure your business is your best “roommate” option for the next five years.

Other than that, believe in yourself. You can do it.


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