I deleted my instagram. 

Yeap. Saturday morning I decided to close my instagram account. Originally, I wanted to close it just for the weekend, then I thought I could close it forever but then I remember part of my job is on social media; so, I’m trying to figure out a happy medium… you know? 

Lately I’ve found myself just obsessing over other people’s lives and it consumes me, emotionally, and my time. 

I caught myself spending waaay too much time on the app without even being productive to move my business forward. 

The past 4 days I’ve not used instagram, my days seem to be longer… like I have more minutes in the day and better yet, like I have more space in my brain. Don’t you feel like sometimes instagram fills your head up with absolutely… nothing?! 

We are all on there playing a comparison game: 
who has more followers? Who gets more likes? Who sells more? Who gets more comments? Oh, did you see what she posted? What was she doing yesterday? Oh! I want that! Oh! I need that! OMG – exhausting. 

I get it, social media has become social commerce and I’m totally onboard with it… obviously – it’s a low entry barrier to any side hustle you might want to pursue. BUT, where does it end? Where do we separate personal from professional? 

That’s the answer I’m looking for. 

I don’t think closing my instagram is the right business decision at all, but maybe there’s a different way of doing things; of communicating with all of you. I’m going to continue to think about this and obviously keep you informed. 

In the meantime, I’ll be updating my blog more regularly – yay! And I’ll be sending out more emails – double yay! 

In the next meantime, I encourage you to take a social media detox. Maybe it’s one day, maybe it’s 2, maybe it’s 5. Make connections in real-life. Talk to people. Look at them in the eye. 

Oh yes, I’m a romantic ♥️. 

Ok! Lastly – because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss capturing moments of my life. Here are a few snapshots of the last couple of days: 

1. Lots of reading and good coffee. Currently reading Think & Grow Rich. You should read it. It’s so good. It’s long but it’s one of the best books, if not, the BEST book I’ve read about business, mindset, and just life. 

2. Nikki as always and me with my energy fizz stick. I love the pomegranate flavor. I’m linking how to get the fizzy in case you want it BUT if you want 20% off, reply back to this email and I will walk you thru. 

3. Nothing new here… working and thinking about the future. Like I said, I’ll be posting more on the blog 🙂 

That’s it for tonight! I hope you also take a social media detox and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones or, just yourself. It’s all good! 


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