By: Andrea Baquerizo
The Aromatherapy kit you need to de-stress

Hi guys! If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, I got a little trick for ya!

I know from personal experience how stress and anxiety can make you feel… In my case, I get really anxious and stressed out when things/situations in the everyday seem to be getting out of control like running late to class or if someone is driving really slow or really fast in the highway. Not being able to control your emotions in situations that are “normal” is not a healthy way to live so, I found aromatherapy to really help me.

I love aromatherapy because it’s soothing, relaxing and, smells delicious! Before heading out of my house, I put about three drops of lavender de-stress essential oil on my wrists, rub them together and rub my wrists on the outsides of my neck (on your pulse points).  The lavender aroma is strong but I don’t think it should be any less strong because the aroma is what helps you soothe into your day. It helps me breathe better, calm down, and keeps my hands from shaking – a reaction I get from stress/anxiety.

I’ve noticed that the days in which I incorporate aromatherapy into my morning routine, everything goes better; I’m way more relaxed and let things take their own course. I don’t get mad if someone cuts me off or is going 10 miles under the speed limit. I don’t feel this burning fire inside me (if you have stress/anxiety you know the fire I’m talking about) and it is EXTREMELY nice to feel in control of my emotions.

Click here for the lavender essential oil I use – I haven’t tried any other scents so if you want to give this a try to calm you down, I recommend you try it with lavender first! (Only 4 left!!!) 

** Pair your essential oils with this diffuser for a better night sleep**

The Aromatherapy kit you need to de-stress

Have you guys tried aromatherapy before? Did it work for you? Leave us your thoughts below! xo, Andre

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