Entrepreneurship Dreams

Why do people quit on their entrepreneurship dreams? Let’s talk about it.

Why do people quit on their entrepreneurship dreams?
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Plain and simple, LACK OF DRIVE. This might be tough for some to digest and might find it a bit offensive but I’m just trying to help. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. In the beginning everything is exciting, fun and you are full of energy but, the grind doesn’t stop a few months or even years into the business.

I feel the responsibility to talk about this because I’m tired of seeing all the success stories around the media channels we consume. Start-ups, venture capitalists and all the talks of greatness are awesome for inspiration but, it’s important you know those stories are the exception to the rule. I don’t want to discourage you from being an entrepreneur; in fact, I think everyone should have a side hustle but, I want you to know it takes drive, passion and persistence. You will need these 3 ingredients for the next couple of years and I’d argue you’ll need them forever.

Entrepreneurship Dreams

The reasons people stop working on their entrepreneurship dreams are:

  • Most of the time you have a full-time job so, sacrificing time with family and friends will be necessary.
  • Company growth is slow
  • Frustration with money, investment, energy levels and everyone around you seems to be having TOO MUCH FUN

My recommendations with these reasons are: 

  • Schedule everyday of the week and give yourself Sunday to relax a little bit. You work 9-5, so you have early mornings or late nights. It’s all about commitment.
  • Don’t give up. Remember the 3 ingredients you’ll need. DRIVE, PASSION, PERSISTENCE. The average amount of time for a business to be profitable is 3-5 years. Be patient. Keep adapting and evolving.
  • Don’t focus on the external environment.  Keep your mind set on your goal. I have learned that most of the “fun times” you see on instagram or people talk about are really not that fun, they just didn’t have anything else to do. Be proud that you have something greater than you to work towards to.

I hope these tips help!

Are you an entrepreneur? What are the challenges you have run into?

Leave me your thoughts below or send me a DM on Instagram or email me directly at belen@ahintoflife.com – Thank you for stopping by!

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