The word wellness, kinda scares people away. When we talk about wellness, everyone automatically thinks we are going to talk about rituals and meditation and how you have to change your ENTIRE life around to achieve some kind of normalcy and tranquility. So, today I’m here to let you know that wellness is not a higher power and with little steps taken everyday, you will be able to feel better.

To me, wellness is about feeling great with myself. Feeling happy, feeling motivated, feeling like I have a purpose and that I’m doing something about that purpose. When our bodies don’t feel good, our minds don’t feel great either. Follow the step below to get into the groove of wellness!

  1. Water – My co-worker Maddie, will admit to this. Every time she tells me her head hurts, or that she’s tired, or her arm hurts… literally anything! I tell her: Drink more water. It might sound stupid but our bodies can’t function without hydration. On my desk, I keep a water bottle and I’m always drinking from it. Once you start the habit of drinking water, you will notice your need for it and will find yourself, stepping into the kitchen or visiting your closet water fountain multiple times a day.
  2. Greens – I really dislike to admit this one, as I’m not a fan of many vegetables but they do the work. Vegetables will keep your energy levels high and if you opt for veggies with your steak or chicken at lunch instead of that Alfredo pasta or rice, your mid-afternoon slump will not be too present anymore.
  3. Classical Music – If you saw my snapchat over the weekend, you would understand! I listen to classical music/relaxing music when I work because it keeps me calm. I love feeling cozy and this is exactly what this type of music does for me. It doesn’t allow me to stress too much at work when something goes wrong… on the contrary, it makes me want to fix things faster. I have been listening to this track lately.
  4. Yoga on Mondays – Mondays are usually hectic days. Bad news at work, problems to solve, endless weekly meetings, catch-up with emails, the list goes on… I suggest taking a class of yoga on Mondays after work to let it all out. If you don’t have time to go the gym, practice yoga at home… Yoga with Adriene is one of my favorite channels for quick yoga sequences.
  5. Tea at night – This is something I incorporated just about 3 weeks ago into my night routine when my sister bought some tea from Sanctuary. I drink this tea at night because its a ” relaxing” tea. It doesn’t have any caffeine and it’s supposed to calm you down, making it easier for you to fall asleep. As I work on this beautiful blog at night when I get back home from my day job, I always feel a bit adrenaline kick in because I want to finish many things so it’s hard to fall asleep quickly… drinking this tea has helped me, get more into the mood of zzzzzz.

These are some of the things that keep me going during my days… I don’t add coffee here because although I LOVE coffee, it is partly social and also a stimulant to accelerate my mind and that’s not truly wellness… Do you have any tips that you follow during your days to be more ” sane”? Let me know!!


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