Hi! Welcome back to A Hint of Life! As I have mentioned before, I know you guys are BIG into your careers and jobs aside from living a healthy and fit lifestyle, so today we are going to talk a little about finding happiness in your career. 

Would you believe that you can get happiness from your career? It might sound like a myth, because from the moment you’re dragged into the working world, you might not have the best relationship with it. It might feel like your career is always taking from you, rather than giving you life as working is so demanding. But, you guys know I like to be honest; the harsh truth is, you’re going to be connected to the working world for the majority of your life, so you might as well find a way to tie your happiness to your career with one big, unbreakable connection.

Let’s talk about how we can build an unbreakable connection between happiness and career. Grab a cup of coffee and remember to take notes:

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

We tend to settle into a career that’s bringing home money, and is making our family happy and proud of us. Why would we want to turn our world upside down, when we have so much calm? This is why we end up for the rest of our life in a career that doesn’t make us happy…because it’s what we feel we have to do.  Truth is, we should turn our “calm” world upside down, because being settled in a routine that we don’t enjoy just isn’t the life we should be trying to lead. What we need to do is take matters into our own hands, and see how we could put our working life down a new path.

For example, there are so many online courses to take. There’s a masters in school counseling, a masters in engineering, and a master in computer science… but this is just one tiny part of what you could achieve with online education, and of course you would have to make sure you have a bachelor’s first. But they say that knowledge is power; educating yourself in what matters to you, is a key to happiness… and a career of your dreams. 

Follow What Makes You Happy

Sometimes you have to take some of the biggest risks in the world to find out what makes you happy. I’m not talking about what makes other people happy, which might have been what you are following up until now (I know I do this all the time. Put others before me!) I’m talking about finding your passion, even if that is drawing, cooking, or writing, and finding out how to create a career out of it. Some of the greatest minds in the world did exactly this, and are now living the life they have always wanted to lead!

Let’s talk about how we can build an unbreakable connection between happiness and career. It's important to be happy in our careers if we want to do a good job and succeed. Take some notes!

Do Something That’s Rewarding

You have to think about what’s going to be rewarding, both financially and morally. Sometimes the most rewarding careers out there, such as nursing or becoming part of the armed service, that are the best because you know you’re doing something to help the greater good! Whatever is rewarding to you, is what you should choose. In my case, blogging is rewarding to me. I get to help you and others live a healthier lifestyle. This is the tough exercise you have to do for yourself. 

Figure out what’s rewarding, educate yourself, jump into it and you will find happiness in your career. I swear. 

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