A Hint of Life shares HomeAway Campaign What makes us want to change jobs? Most of the time, changing jobs relates to wanting more money or more flexibility; at least, this is what causes me to “get bored” and want to interview for new opportunities. Little by little, I start realizing that the saying “More money, more problems” is true… at least sometimes!

With bigger jobs come more responsibilities and the stress level rises. I believe humans are naturally “good” people (circumstances might change that at some point in life, but we are born, good) therefore, it’s natural that we all want to succeed and conquer new grounds. You see, the problem is that because we are so immersed in creating great things at work, to receive “a bigger paycheck and live a better life“, we leave behind our “real life”.

We are not satisfied with what we have, we always want more and we take for granted what we do have at this moment. Did you know that 224 billion dollars is credited to corporations for unused vacation time? More than half of us actually choose to not take our full time off from our jobs. It’s CRAZY to me that we look for better opportunities aaaall the time but we can’t even celebrate the opportunities we have right in front of us.

Watch this video produced by HomeAway about taking your time, going on vacation, enjoying your hard work. We only live one life, don’t live it in front of your computer.  

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