Hey there career woman! It’s been a little while since we last spoke but as the end of the year is approaching, I wanted to share bits and pieces of the book Lean In which has taken me a while to read but really does offer great career advice. (Here’s a list of books I put together a couple of months ago).

The reason why I’m liking this book so much is because it’s not sugarcoated. Sheryl Sandberg gets to the point, analyzes it and tells us, “career women” that career development starts with us. There’s no “one-size” fits all for career guidance because we are all so different but the root of our career development evil is general as it comes with our biology but, if women are meant to be “caregivers”  the way we develop our relationships at work and at home, define our future. I’m going to share with my favorite points from the book but in all honesty, you should really get a copy and read it all!

A Hint of Life - Career Guidance for the Career Woman who needs Career Development

Which of these “key points” from Sheryl Sandberg picks your brain? Let me know in the comments below! Xo.

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