A Hint of Life by Belen Baquerizo


By Belen Baquerizo 

Who is Belen?

About Belen Baquerizo & A Hint of Life About Belen Baquerizo & A Hint of Life

Hi! I’m Belen Baquerizo; I’m an Ecuadorian native, raised in Miami. I’m a retired athlete – played volleyball for a large portion of my life! I’m extremely family oriented and due to life lessons, prefer a very close group of friends. I’m ambitious, in the good sense of the word, I’m a hard-worker (often times too much of a hard-worker), I believe in a better, greater, less restricted future. I’m a business woman, a marketer, a personal development junkie, a fashion lover and a proponent that to be healthy and love ourselves, doesn’t have to be hard.

What is A Hint of Life?

  1. Blog about my fitness, personal development and business journey
  2. Platform for “Team Elevate” that provides online lifestyle coaching:
    • Mindset
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness
    • Business

What are the benefits?

  1. Through the blog you get free advice and recommendations to help you live and elevate your life: mindset, nutrition, fitness and business.
  2. Through Team Elevate you receive fitness programs, meal plans, portion control containers and 1:1 virtual coaching.
  3. Through all my channels, you get a Fitness Bestie – I’m a normal girl with big dreams for you and myself. I’m personable, relatable and most importantly attainable.
  4. It’s a shared human experience that makes you feel more comfortable about pushing towards your goals. It’s the beauty in teamwork that doesn’t let you give up.

Who is A Hint of Life for?

  1. Women that want to make a change in their life. Women that want to feel better about themselves. Women that want to do something for them. Women that don’t want to spend hours at the gym because it bores them, they don’t know what to do and they don’t see results. Women that are career oriented and find themselves with little time or desire to join a gym. Women that want to be healthier and fit but don’t want to sacrifice LIFE. If this is you, apply to join my team as a client, here. 
  2. Women that have a fire inside of them to build their own business, future and freedom. They are ready to sacrifice, to make a change and to invest in their dreams. They are not afraid to work hard. If you want to join my team as a coach, send me an email: ahintoflifeblog@gmail.com 

Here’s my full story – please read it and let me know if you have any questions by commenting on the post, or sending me a direct message on instagram. Can’t wait to talk to you #fitnessbestie 

About Belen Baquerizo & A Hint of Life

I’m just a normal girl with big dreams and a lot of hustle inside. I hope the stories, advice, reviews and recommendations I share make a difference in your life. I’m just a normal girl, with big dreams for you.

xo, Belen

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