The Fringe Jeans That Will Transform Your Outfit

Fringe jeans (similar and affordable, here, here and here), Urban outfitters tee (here, here and here), Burgundy  Handbag (worth the investment: here, here and here), Black Sandals (here , here, and here), Kimono (here, here).

These fringe jeans have quickly become on of my favorite jeans, ever. I used to not like to wear jeans because they would be too tight on my thighs (back when I was a volleyball player) and always kept that mindset, even years after not playing at all. But, my mom got me these jeans from TJ Maxx and they are really comfortable.

Also, really love how the fringes really make your entire outfit. I mean, I’m literally wearing a simple t-shirt (similar here and here), and jeans but it looks like it took much more effort; right? Combining black and navy has always been a thing of mine although many might say the colors don’t go well together, I love the turnout (black sandals, navy kimono) and a pop of color with the burgundy handbag

There you have it! Lots of different options for a similar look in which fringe jeans (similar and affordable, here, here and here), take the spotlight. All the options I found for you are under $75 because that’s normally my cut-off price range when shopping, expect for handbags and shoes for which I think investing in high quality pieces is worth it.

Let me know if you enjoy or find these posts useful. Mostly focusing on affordable fashion 🙂 – no need to spend a fortune to look stylish. Check out more of my outfits and details, here! 

xo Belen

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